Flavored Syrups for Drinks

Flavored syrups are perfect for mixing with Dr Pepper TEN and 7Up TEN!  #drinkTEN #collectivebias

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flavored-syrups (7 of 1)We leave town so rarely.  And stay in hotels even less often.

So when our son had a swim tournament in a very warm city about a half-days drive away, we jumped at the opportunity to get out of town and watch him swim.  It was heavenly.

One of the things I was most looking forward to was going to a well-known little place that sells drinks and smoothies.  They’ve created an awesome and unique menu, mostly made up of sodas with flavored syrups mixed in.

If you’re wondering if it was any good?  It was.  We went twice the same day.

After we came back home, the memory of my Dirty Dr Pepper lingered in my mind so much, I decided to re-create it at home.  And let me tell you, I came pretty dang close.

flavored-syrups (2 of 4)b

The first step was making these fun flavored syrups.  They’re super duper easy to make.  Just sugar and water, with different fruit flavors mixed in.

I even bought cute little containers and labels to store them.  Cuz that’s the kind of mom I am.

I made four different flavors, and I did that because I ran out of time to make six.  You could literally use just about any fruit you wanted to flavor these syrups.  Citrus fruits like lime, lemon, tangerine, or orange work exceptionally well.

The next step is to get some soda to put these syrups in.  This time, I chose Dr Pepper TEN and 7-Up TEN.  I love that they are only ten calories, and not too sweet, which is perfect for drinks which require a little syrup.

My favorite flavor combo?  Hands down, the Dirty Dr Pepper.  This is Dr Pepper with coconut syrup.  And it is awesome.  A close second is the Holiday 7Up, which uses 7Up, cranberry, and lime.  You can even garnish the drink with fresh cranberries and a slice of lime, to make it look a little more festive.

flavored-syrups (3 of 4)bflavored-syrups (4 of 4)b

You can find all kinds of the TEN sodas at Krogers, (Smith’s, here in Utah)  including Dr Pepper TEN, 7Up TEN, Canada Dry TEN, A & W TEN and Sunkist TEN.

Incidentally, the coconut syrup is awesome with the Sunkist TEN too.


Even though I know these syrups CAN last in the fridge for a month or more, I somehow doubt they will.  The kids love using them to make fun flavor combinations, and I suspect they will be completely gone within the week.

Which is about how long it will take me to be ready to leave town again!


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Flavored Syrups for Drinks
Cook time
Total time
Flavored syrups in several different flavors, perfect for mixing into sodas.
Recipe type: Beverages
Serves: ½ cup
  • ½ cup water
  • ½ cup sugar
FLAVORS (choose ONE)
  • ¾ cup shredded coconut
  • ½ cup fresh cranberries
  • ½ cup fresh pomegranate arils
  • peel of one lime
  • peel of one lemon
  • peel of half of one orange
  1. In a small saucepan, combine sugar and water.
  2. Add flavor mix-in. Bring to a boil, and let simmer for 4-5 minutes.
  3. Pour syrup through a fine mesh strainer to remove fruit pieces. Let cool.
  4. Add a big squirt of your favorite syrup into your favorite soda. (Syrups should last in the fridge for about a month.)



10 thoughts on “Flavored Syrups for Drinks

  1. Molly

    I’m not sure it matters, since you enjoy your drinks, but I’m pretty sure Dirty Dr. Pepper is coconut and lime (if you’re getting it at Swig or Sodalicious or somewhere like that 🙂 But yes, they are delicious!!

    1. Jen Post author

      Molly, I totally thought it was coconut and lime, too! But when I got to Swig, it clearly stated that it was just coconut. To be honest, I think I will try it with both the coconut and the lime next time. I think it sounds fantastic.

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