Easter Recipe Round-Up

By Easter, I am so ready to be outside.  It has a tendency to be very cold and gloomy here in the winter, and I’m just one of those people that craves sunlight.  Of course, it’s not unusual for us to have snow for Easter, but this week ..

Coconut Lime Sugar Cookies

A recipe for a chewy sugar cookie with lime juice and toasted coconut. Source: The Girl Who Ate Everything Yield: 3-4 dozen cookies I love the smell of toasted coconut.  When I realized that I would be toasting coconut to put in this cookie dough, I..

St. Patrick’s Day Favorites

St. Patrick’s Day is my kind of holiday.  It’s silly and sort of non-sensical, it requires very little purchasing, and doesn’t involve a day off school or work.  Low key, that’s how I like it.  In honor of the greenest of h..

Valentine Recipes

I don’t get into that many holidays, but I kind of like Valentine’s Day.  Not because I’m into being mushy and romantic, but I just think it’s a fun day to give love to all my friends and family.  I definitely do not want t..

Dulce de Leche Cookies

 ***UPDATED!*** This post has been updated.  Please view the new version HERE. A recipe for a soft caramel cookie sandwiched with dulce de leche. Source: Annies Eats, which I found thanks to Pinterest. Yield:  about 18 sandwiches When I saw the ph..

Sweet Popcorn Glaze

** This post has been updated!  See the updated photos and instructions by clicking here! ** I’ve been having trouble getting any cookies baked lately, but I figured I could fill in with a very simple favorite recipe for sweet popcorn.  This ..

Handmade Cranberry Lime Sodas

For the most part, I have kept this blog about cookies, and nothing else.  Today, however, I thought I would share a recipe or two that I have made for the holiday season.  I started making these homemade lime sodas a few months ago, and just love ..

Christmas Printables, part 2

I told you it was an addiction.  In my defense, I think my time wasted spent on Picnik is paying off… this batch of printables is better than the last.  But maybe I’m baised. Once again, help yourself.  Click to get the full view, the..

Christmas Printables

I have a confession to make.  Baking cookies is not my only obsession.  In fact, I have several, and some of them change with the tides.  Right now, my new obsession is creating cool photo collages and word art on Picasa and Picnik.  I’m sl..

Christmas Cookies

When you think of holiday desserts, you think of candies and pies, and most of all, cookies, right?  I do.  My sister-in-law and I get together before Thanksgiving every year, and make lots and lots of holiday desserts, and freeze them.  We genera..