Great Halloween Treats

While my ability to bake has been temporarily thwarted, I'm leaving you with a collection of recent fall favorites. These are recipes that would be perfect for Halloween, or just October in general...

Favorite Fruity Treats

As long as it’s August, I can still say it’s summer.  When it becomes September, I have a harder time convincing myself. In honor of the end of summer, I’m doing a round up of my favorite fruity treats from this year.  It brought ..

Six Great Lunchbox Cookies

I’m SO ready for school to start.  And I’m SO not ready for school to start.  The homework struggles… the carpooling… the getting up early to cook a hot breakfast.  Ugh.  Maybe I’ll go back to bed, while I can. In th..

Scotcheroos and the Rice Krispies Treat Death Match

This post has been updated!!  See the new post HERE. Have you ever wondered how a person might find themselves embroiled in a serious Rice Krispies Treat Death Match?  Well, let me tell you. A few months ago, an innocent remark by me about my favor..

BlogHer Food Conference ’12

I have officially attended my first food blogging conference, or as my brother calls it, “nerd fest.”  Apparently my son feels the same way, because he once referred to blogging as a “nerdy woman thing to do.”  I have this f..

Fathers Day Favorites

What’s the deal with Fathers Day and ties?  Does anyone actually buy their dad a tie for Father’s Day?  It must be the most disappointing gift of all time.  I always wonder about those husbands that get their wives gifts like brooms an..

Lemonade Pound Cake

A moist lemonade pound cake, with lemonade soaking syrup and pink frosting. Source: Ummm… about that.  I found this on an apron site.  Weird but true. When I was a poor college student, I used to make this simple dessert called Lemonade Pie. ..

Orange Creamsicle Whoopie Pies Guest Post

I’m feeling all popular and stuff because I’m actually guest posting twice this week.  If we were in high school, I’d be sitting at the cool table right now.  I’m glad we’re not, though, because I’m wearing sweat..

Coconut Cream Cookies on Measured By the Heart

I have a tendency to create a lot of coconut recipes.  It’s a disease.  I think there’s even a name for it in the official medical book of obscure diseases.  You can’t blame me, though.  I’m a product of my environment.  ..

The Versatile Blogger Award

One of my favorite new bloggy buddies, Lisa over at Sweet 2 Eat Baking, nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award!  Thanks, Lisa!  I’m super excited that you thought of me! This award is basically a way for bloggers to get to know each oth..