Mint Sandwiches and Holiday Food Party

This week's dessert is simple, easy, and requires no refrigeration. We're also bringing you an awesome holiday food party with twelve fantastic bloggers!..

Butterfinger Bark and Halloween Food Party

homemade candy

Because, y'all?! My friends are back!! And we've gathered up some amazing-awesome Halloween recipes just for you. Because that's the kind of friends we are...

Pretzel Toffee

Pretzel toffee Candy

Toffee is one of my favorite candies. Butter + Sugar... what's not to love? I wanted to add a little salt to my sweet (salty + sweet is the best flavor combo) so I poured my toffee over pretzels. Pretzels go great with basically everything, if you..

Chocolate Lovers Bark

chocolate lovers

Honestly, this whole thing is super duper easy, but it takes a while to set. Try to be patient. Maybe start a conversation with a 5 year old while you wait...

Lemon Cookie Truffles

truffles recipe

Most of the cookie truffle recipes I've seen call for cream cheese. I decided to rebel, to stick it to the man, and use frosting instead. Yep, I'm a rebel. I'll be going out for a tattoo any minute now...

Cream Cheese Mints


This batch of cream cheese mints caused me to exercise a vast amount of self control. I was self-controlling right and left so I could share these little goodies with my friends, who were obviously impressed...


buckeye recipe

Make some buckeyes for the big game! The buckeye recipe calls for chocolate, peanut butter, and no baking...

Almond Balls

Maybe I should have titled them "Chocolate Almond Balls" or "Chocolate Cream Pie Balls" or something like that, because there's not a lot of almond in those balls. They are mostly chocolate, rolled in... not almonds... cookie crumbs...

Black and White Fudge

I realize that there are people out there who believe that coconut is not the most amazing thing ever. To those people, I would just like to say.....

Almond Toffee

english toffee recipe

Toffee is probably my favorite of all homemade candies. It's easy, has a short list of ingredients, and is addictively tasty. My sister-in-law and I make it every year, and put a box of it in the freezer. ..