Salted Dark Chocolate Cookies

It’s Monday, and that means it’s cookie day. Because Mondays require cookies, that’s why.  And because I woke up with a huge headache.  AGAIN. I thought I had this headache thing licked after I read this awesome-sauce headache boo..

Apple Pie Cookies with Salted Caramel Frosting

I try to keep my writing on this blog pretty lighthearted and entertaining, but some days are not like that.  Some days you want to curl up in a ball and listen to The Carpenters and eat Chubby Hubby. I remember when Robb and I were first married, a..

Cookie Sticks

The grocery store is my nemesis.  We are locked in an eternal battle for power, and let me tell you, the grocery store is winning. Sometimes it wins by selling me things I don’t really want.  Like candy and potato chips.  Frequently it wins ..

Root Beer Cookies

It’s the first week of school, and the first week of Health class for my 9th grader.  Having been through this class with his older brother last year, I knew a little about what to expect.  “Guess what this means?!” I taunted him...

Fluffernutter Cookies

I remember one year when I was a kid, my parents took advantage of a deal at a local pizza joint.  I don’t remember the deal exactly, but I do remember that it involved a pitcher of root beer.  The upshot is, we had pizza and root beer about ..

Lemon Mini-Meringues

meringue cookie

I’ve never been to Peru, or Namibia, or Egypt, but I cannot imagine they are drier than Wyoming, no matter what Our Amazing Planet says. Technically speaking, Wyoming is no drier than my home state of Utah, (they both have average humidity leve..

Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies

The thing about being married to a picky eater is that I find I get annoyed about it a lot.  You would figure that at some point I would just give up and deal with it, but not me.  I just keep getting annoyed. Robb is super sweet about the whole th..

Date Nut No-Bake Cookies

I just heard my kid say the words, “We’ve got to get mom off the computer.” {pause for effect} This is the same kid who said, “Blogging is a nerdy woman thing to do.” He’s not related to me, I swear.  He didn̵..

Peppermint Meringues

I’m tired.  I’ve heard tales of people who regularly experience life on only 5 hours of sleep or less, but let me tell you, I am not one of those. Another fun fact about me: I can be kind of unpleasant to be around when I’m tired. ..

Cherry White Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m not a big fan of bribing my children, as a general rule.  I much prefer beating them.  (Calm down, I don’t actually beat my children.)  I think kids should behave just because I ask them to, and not because I begged and bribed them..