Graham Cracker Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookie

Not long ago, I pinned these gooey S'mores Cookies, and I just could't stop thinking about them. I wanted to create my own version, one without marshmallows. Not that I have anything against marshmallows. I just wanted to keep it simple, like a pl..

Lemon Ricotta Cookies

ricotta cookies

You'd think having a cookie blog would be enough, right? I bake cookies, desserts, and snacks every week. The kids eat them like they're going out of style. And still the doctor says things like, "No restrictions on his diet, let him eat whatever ..

Monster Cookies

monster cookies

My latest new Food Blogger Problem involves my children, and their propensity to volunteer me to make cookies for all their parties and activities. This time, the offspring gave me notice, multiple reminders, and even recipe suggestions...

Grasshopper Cookies

mint oreo

I mean, it's soft, it's minty, it's got chopped chocolate mint cookies in it, the entire batch disappeared in less than 24 hours... it's basically the same old wonderful, delicious story...

Pistachio Caramel Cookies & St. Patrick’s Collection

pudding cookies

Today, I joined up with some of my best bloggy friends to bring you this super-duper awesome collection of St. Patrick's Day recipes. It's radical, as we used to say when Nixon was in office...

Condensed Milk Cookies


I mean, sometimes a girl just has to cheat a little to stay sane. Sometimes she hides the dirty dishes in the oven. And sometimes she makes three-ingredient cookies...

Peanut Butter Blossoms

peanut butter cookie recipe

Peanut Butter Cookies are so delicious with a little chocolate on top! I love to add Hershey's kisses to my favorite peanut butter cookie recipe to make them extra special...

Butter Cookies

butter cookie recipe

Simple butter cookies are the best! This butter cookie recipe makes a perfectly tasty everyday treat...

Pecan Sandies

nut cookies

Pecan Sandies are a favorite childhood memory. We used to eat these fun nut cookies at my grandparents house, but these days I make them from scratch...

Trail Mix Cookies

A healthy cookie recipe is hard to find these days. The search is not for the faint of heart. The real problem here is defining what a healthy cookie is. Is it the presence of good stuff? Or the absence of sugar?..