Chocolate Chip Cookie Pops

This year I wanted to make it easy for everyone to celebrate Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, so I put my chocolate chip cookies on a stick. ..

Oatmeal Cut-Out Cookies


Besides being my first recipe of 2015, this crunchy oatmeal cookie was another first as well. It was the first thing I baked in my new oven! ..

Almond Shortbread Fingers


Since it's almost Halloween, I figured some fake blood and body parts were in order...

Chocolate Sugar Cookies


I was worried that Chocolate Sugar Cookies would be too boring and cliche, so I spiced them up with some adorable holiday decorations...

Lemon Thyme Shortbread

buttery shortbread recipe

This lemon shortbread is perfect for Mothers Day. I added thyme to it because, well, I love thyme. And putting an herb in a cookie is interesting. And moms love that kind of stuff...

Red Velvet Sandwich Heart Cookies

I already know this Valentines Day is going to be a good one, because I get to celebrate it with my blog buds! We're back!..

How to Make Perfect Soft Sugar Cookies


Over the years, I have taken my mother's long-time favorite sugar cookie recipe, and perfected the details. While the recipe itself is heavenly, it is the process that makes them absolutely perfect...

Linzer Cookies

linzer cookies

My sister-in-law gave me a jar of the most beautiful dark and flavorful plum jelly you've ever seen. It's tart, full of flavor, and frankly, tastes fantastic with these almond Linzers. I debated about parting with it but finally decided the cookies..

Molasses Cookies with Caramel Cinnamon Glaze

molasses cookies

I just loved this cookie when it took the form of gingerbread last winter. It was excellent with the dark chocolate cocoa I had for breakfast. Which probably explains why I'm dieting now...

Bizcochitos for Cinco de Mayo

mexican wedding cookies

I don't care if they're authentic or not. They're at least kind-of Mexican, and my family is going to be eating them for Cinco de Mayo. Maybe that's all we need to know...