December 2014 Wrap-Up

dec-2014-wrap-up-1And just like that, 2014 was over.  I can’t believe how fast December went.  The whole year is kind of a blur, to tell you the truth.

In my personal life, we have endured some painful financial setbacks this year, but this little blog has really helped make up the difference.  And, my oldest son is graduating from high school this year, and it feels almost like it’s not real.  Or maybe it’s too real.  One of those.  In either case, it feels weird to tell stories about cookies and cakes when the thing I’m thinking about every day is what my kids lives are going to be like in just a year or two from now, and what kind of mothering I should be doing today.

I think the cookies are a symbol for the kind of mom I want to be.  I want to be the kind of mom who bakes bread and wears and apron, and keeps the clothes freshly laundered and the beds neatly made.  But I’m not that kind of mom.  The best I can do is a home-packed lunch with homemade cookies.  Well, sometimes it has cookies.  Besides that, the kids do their own laundry and the beds are rarely if ever made.

My family relationships, however, is where my life is truly blessed.  My relationships with my kids and husband are, not unlike cookies, warm, comforting, sweet, and reciprocal.  Okay, well, that last part isn’t true.  The cookies have never loved me as much as I loved them!  But the family members have.  Which makes it a good day to be me.

December was a slow month for the blog (I like to blame it on the recent death of my oven, but the truth is I was over busy and overwhelmed) but I did manage to share a few fun recipes this month.  Here they all are, in case you missed them!


gingerbread-cupcakes (1 of 1) Gingerbread Cupcakes with Chai Spiced Frosting

This post was a holiday party, where my friends and I all shared fun recipes for Christmas!  I love these little gatherings.  There is always so much good food!

almond-joy-fudge (5 of 3) Almond Joy Fudge

I added coconut and almonds to my favorite 2-ingredient fudge to make this easy easy easy (and delicious!) 4-ingredient fudge.  It disappeared in record time!

peanut-butter-chocolate-chip (1 of 4) Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

My nephew asked for these cookies for his birthday.  The kid has great taste, right?  There is something about peanut butter cookies that is so comforting.  And chocolate chips can only make them better!

gingerbread-cocoa (2 of 3) Gingerbread Hot Cocoa

I’ve been wanting to make this hot cocoa for a while.  I’ve had this idea in my head about how great the cocoa would taste with some molasses and ginger, and it turned out just as I imagined!  It almost makes me anxious for next December, so I can drink it again!

pesto-almonds-3 Pesto Almonds

My sister contributes a post each month, and this month’s post is these almonds.  She used fresh basil to coat the almonds and give them a fantastic flavor.  I think they would be a hit at any holiday get together!

christmas-morning-punch (5 of 1) Christmas Morning Punch

Yes, I did drink this punch on Christmas morning.  And the day before.  And the day before that.  In fact, after Christmas was over and the punch was gone, I found myself tempted to go buy ingredients for another delicious batch!

top-ten-2014-1 Top Posts of 2014

An annual tradition, a couple days ago I shared the best of the best from JFC this year.  Ten reader favorites and ten family favorites are all included in this post.  If you’re ever wondering where to start, these posts are a great starting point!


Coming up in January… Cookie of the Month!

I’m SO excited for this new feature!  I’ll be sharing a cookie each month, and encouraging you to make it.  Encouraging might be too light a word.  I’ll be all out bribing you to make it, with prizes for some lucky winners who send me photos of their cookies!  There will be lots of fun for everyone involved.  And the prizes will vary from month to month, so keep checking back each month!

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