August 2014 Wrap-Up

August-squareI generally like the end of August.  The kids have started school and the weather is still warm for a few more weeks.

However, this being the last school year for my oldest son has me feeling a little melancholy, and the unseasonal grey and rainy weather hasn’t helped my mood at all.  It’s fortunate I have baking to bring me out of my funk.

This month, my personal favorite recipe was the Peanut Butter Crispy Marshmallow Brownies.  I can’t get enough of them.  It has given me ideas for more decadently topped brownies.  More on that next month, I hope.

A close second was the spiced zucchini muffins.  I told Robb, who has an irrational fear of green vegetables, that you can’t even taste the zucchini in zucchini bread, and he replied, “Then why is it in there?”  I told him it was a filler, and it gives a nice texture, and he said, “Nope.  You can taste it.”  He wouldn’t even try the zucchini muffins without a big glass of milk nearby, but I made a believer of him.  He took one bite, said, “That’s really good!”  (as if there were any other option, hehe) and promptly finished the rest of the muffin without touching the milk.

It was the perfect end to this awesome month.


mint-cake-6 Mint Cake

I made this cake for my daughters birthday, and it was
a big hit! The green color, dense rich texture, and mint
flavor made the perfect celebration cake.

PB-stuffed-chocolate-cookies-6 Peanut Butter Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

My nephew was the grateful recipient of these delicious
chocolate cookies with peanut butter filling.  I was kind
of wishing I could keep them for myself!

scotcheroos-2014-3 Scotcheroos

My favorite RKT of all time!  The “secret ingredient” makes
these peanut butter krispie treats soft and delicious!
Chocolate and butterscotch are the perfect icing on this cake.

PB&J-cookies-3 Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Cookies

My sister is back with these awesome back to school
cookies!  I love the idea of adding a little strawberry
jam to some rich peanut butter cookies.

No-Bake-Cookies-1 50+ No-Bake Cookies & Bars

I know summer is over, but I made this fun collection of
no-bake cookies anyway. I’m sure you’ll find a few
things you’ll love in this round-up.

pb-marshmallow-crispy-brownies-3 Peanut Butter Crispy Marshmallow Brownies

This might be my favorite brownie ever.  The gooey
marshmallow layer and crispy chocolate peanut butter
topping take regular brownies to the next level!

 peach-limeade-3  Sparkling Peach Limeade

It could be called a lime peachade, it’s that peachy!
It’s a refreshing way to enjoy peach season.

peach-cobbler-3 Single Serving Peach Cobbler

Turn single serving fruit cups into a delicious dessert
for one!  It’s easy to make a warm crisp topping and
have a quick and comforting dessert.

spiced-zucchini-muffins-9 Spiced Zucchini Crumb Muffins

Use up all that autumn zucchini in these delicious spiced
chocolate chip muffins.  The walnut crumb topping puts
them over the edge.


It was fun having Em guest post again this month.  Her Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Cookies were a big hit.  Wait until you see what she has in store for next month!

You know how much we love popcorn here, right?  I shared a recipe for Honey Butter Popcorn on My Cooking Spot this month.  Honey butter is so delicious, and works great on popcorn.

Get ready for fall by sifting through this board of pumpkin recipes on Pinterest.  There’s also a great collection of Muffin & Scone recipes you should check out.

Coming up in September… turning 40, the beginning of pumpkin season, and chocolate, lovely chocolate!!



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