February 2014 Wrap-Up

Recipe collection from February.

February Wrap-Up from JensFavoriteCookies.com February is like a cruel joke here in Utah.  It does this Every. Stinking. Year.

It gets sort of warm.  Sort of.  Warm enough that we get rain which melts the snow, and the tulips start to poke out of the ground, and it makes you think spring is coming.  You start going places in just a light jacket.  You start making plans for your flower garden.

Then?  March comes and it snows again.  And again.  It freezes your tender fruit blossoms and basically just kills your soul.

Spring fever is the worst in February.  Because in reality, spring is nowhere in sight.

On the other hand, February baked good are SO fun.  Between the Valentines Day desserts, and the game watching snacks, February is just plain fun.

Here are the highlights:

strawberry-oreo-pudding-cookies Strawberry Oreo Pudding Cookies

The strawberry pudding gives these cookies not only
their color and flavor, but also makes them so soft
and chewy!  A simple and easy pink treat.

red-velvet-sandwich-hearts-5 Red Velvet Sandwich Heart Cookies

We celebrated Valentines in style with this awesome
collection of 14 Valentine recipes!  These red velvet
cookies with chocolate frosting are super easy to make.

peppermint-bark-brownies-5 Peppermint Bark Brownies

I don’t know why everyone thinks peppermint is just for
Christmas, because I could eat it all year long.  These
brownies topped with peppermint bark really hit the spot!

choc-chip-scones-7 Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Scones

These simple drop scones with chocolate chips are the perfect
remedy for a rotten day.  They also make a lovely Sunday
morning breakfast.

coconut-fudge-cookie-bars-4 Coconut Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

It’s been a while since I had as many compliments as I had
on these cookie bars.  Plus, I seriously love coconut.  The
coconut fudge makes these completely decadent!

rainbow-cake-in-jar-3 Rainbow Cake in a Jar

These single serving, rainbow colored cakes are baked in
canning jars and topped with vanilla frosting and sprinkles.
Perfect for birthdays or St. Patrick’s Day.

soft-pretzels-3 Soft Baked Pretzels

Homemade soft pretzels are easier to make than you might
think.  I’ve made them at least five times in the last three
weeks, and they are devoured within minutes.

pork-and-hummus-flatbread-bites-3 Pork & Hummus Flatbread Bites

Garlicky hummus, pork loin, arugula and goat cheese
make these little flatbread rounds a fantastic idea for
an appetizer or light lunch.

I had a great time with my friends celebrating Valentines Day food blogger style.  If you didn’t check out all 14 incredible Valentine recipes, I suggest you do!  And if you’re into Valentines Day, you might want to follow my Valentines Favorites board on Pinterest, too.  It will be full of great V-day treats!

And speaking of Valentines Day, I made these fun Strawberries and Cream Pudding Cookies for My Cooking Spot this month.  Pudding cookies are so delicious, soft, and creamy!

I found my recipes featured in several different places this month, including this brownie collection on Delish.com, this brownie collection on Cosmopolitan, and this awesome red velvet collection on BuzzFeed.  You’re going to love all these collections!

I can’t wait to share with you everything I have planned for March!

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