October Recap


October was pretty awesome this year.  I had lots of fun bringing you some great fall and Halloween themed treats.

The highlight of the month, for me, was the Halloween Party I held with my friends.  Each of us shared a Halloween food with you.  I hope you saw it, my friends came up with some really fantastic stuff!  It’s always fun getting together with them, and finding some fantastic new recipes.

Are we connected on Facebook?  I’ve been quite devoted all month to bringing you lots of recipes from myself and lots of other great bloggers on my Facebook page.  If you’re fond of finding beautiful recipe ideas on Facebook, (and really, who isn’t?) you should say hi to me over there.

Want an idea of what’s coming up in November?  Scroll to the bottom of this post to find out!

Here’s what happened in October:

Russian-tea-cakes-7 Russian Tea Cakes

These classic shortbread cookies are loaded with walnuts
or pecans and rolled in powdered sugar.  They make a
perfect Christmas cookie!

german-chocolate-skillet-cake-6 German Chocolate Skillet Cake

This simple but delicious chocolate cake is baked in a
cast iron skillet.  Top it with this great coconut pecan
frosting to complete the picture.

dk-choc-muddy-buddy-5 Dark Chocolate Coconut Muddy Buddies

If you want a Halloween treat that is slightly more adult,
you’ll love these muddy buddies.  The dark chocolate,
coconut, and pistachios might be enough to make kids
lose interest, so adults can indulge while relaxing!

12-easy-halloween-treats 12 Quick and Easy Halloween Treats

If you want a Halloween party, but you’re short on time,
this collection is for you!  All treats in here are super
quick and super easy!  You can have the cutest party on
the block in minutes!

spider-cookies-5 Spider Cookies

Turn basic chocolate chip cookies into fun spider cookies
for Halloween!  Kids will love making and eating this
seasonal treat!

Butterfinger-bark-6 Butterfinger Bark & Halloween Party

This easy homemade candy tastes very similar to
Butterfinger candy bars!  Cut it into fun Halloween shapes
for the holiday.  While you’re here check out the other
fantastic Halloween recipes!

hot-spiced-cider-2 Hot Spiced Cider

Turn apple juice or apple cider into a warm and relaxing
hot buttered spiced cider drink.  It is perfect for cool
weather and sick days!

ginger-cookies-with-molasses-2 Molasses Waffle Cookies with Chocolate Frosting

These molasses cookies are baked in a waffle iron!  They
can be made very quickly and easily without heating up
the oven!  Top with chocolate frosting for a fun seasonal

For several months now, I’ve been contributing to the site “My Cooking Spot” once a month.  In October, I shared these delicious OREO TRUFFLES, rolled in seasonal sprinkles.  These were quite popular at my house.  Not only did my kids eat them all within a few hours, (and literally left the empty dish in the fridge!  Thanks kids!) but they’ve been asking me every week to make them again.

What’s coming up in November?  Cookie Week!  Cookie Week is the second week of November, and will be a large event with lots and lots of great holiday cookies, with fun giveaways for prizes!  If you like to bake cookies for the holidays, you will not want to miss this event.

Also?  A new feature… Wordless Wednesday.  Periodically I will be sharing recipes that can be described with no words at all.  These posts will be pictures only, and they should be a fun and different way to share recipes.

I can’t wait to share all this great stuff with you in November!  Thanks for being part of my life and my blog in October, I certainly appreciate your support.  If you haven’t yet, please consider subscribing to e-mail updates, to be sure you see all the latest and greatest JFC stuff in your inbox!  (click the brown box below to subscribe.)

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