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Orange Sugar Cookies

These orange cookies taste fantastic, with the flavor of fresh oranges!  Orange Sugar cookies are so one of my newest favorites.

Orange CookiesSome days just suck.  They suck, I tell you, like a vacuum.  A few days ago, I hit a new low when I was kind of excited to purchase a used vacuum.  It’s not that I can’t afford a new one, but I just really hate spending money on a vacuum.  I did consider buying new.  I even did extensive research on different brands.  (And, by extensive research, I of course mean that I spent 15 minutes looking through reviews on Amazon.)  I ended up deciding the brand I already had was the one I wanted to keep.

I found what appeared to be a decent used one locally, and it was even kind of an upgrade because it’s the commercial version, and obviously newer than my 14-year-old dinosaur.  The seller had some clearly out-of-control dogs and white carpet and kept asking me questions about my old vacuum. Which model is it?  What’s wrong with it?  Is the motor burned out?  I don’t know.  I don’t know.  I don’t know.  It’s fourteen years old, isn’t that reason enough?

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

Granola Bar RecipeThe teenage boys went on a camping trip with the youth group at church this weekend, leaving Robb and I home alone with the princess.  It’s a good thing she is not an only child, because she pretty much gets spoiled rotten when she’s the only one home.  Let’s just say, she has her dad wrapped around her little finger.  A few items on the “Spoil The Daughter Weekend” official to-do list:

  • Dinner out.  She chose Apollo Burger, much better than the original idea, Wendy’s.  It’s a local chain owned by Greeks, so in addition to great burgers, they also have decent gyros, which is what I always get, and why I was thrilled to take her there.
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Oreo Cookies (Small and Crispy)

Bake Oreo Cookies

Source: Adapted from LilaLoa, who calls them the end-all for chocolate cookies.

It’s summer, which means we have shed the daily routine of breakfast and school and homework in favor of a new routine.  It goes like this:  everyday, my children say, “Can I have a friend sleep over?” and I reply, “Did you practice the piano?  Clean your room?  Pick up your dirty socks?”  and they reply with that sound of complete frustration that is impossible to convey through the written word.  My hope that they will actually do these things without a breakout of world war three is dying quickly.

But, world war three led to a sleepover, which led to a desperate need for Chex Muddy Buddies, which led to this sage motherly advice:  “Read. The. Directions.”

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Lemon Blackberry Cookies

My day was going so well.  I had a great morning of blogging, the kids did their chores, and I was in pretty good spirits.  Then I got an unexpected phone call that went something like this:

Robb: Can you pack a bag for me?  I’m going to Boise.
Me: Are you serious?
Robb: If I come home right now, can you take me back to the office?
Me: Right now?  When do you leave?
Robb:  My rental car will be here in 45 minutes.

*long sigh*

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Cinnamon Waffle Cookies

Whose idea was it to break my vacuum the same week I got a dog?  Thanks for that, universe.  Good one.

My bedroom has been in a pretty desperate condition, overflowing with useless crap, and dirty clothes, and dust.  I just keep putting new containers on the floor.  My husband has about had it with me and the bedroom mess.  I’d love to tell you that I put it off because my vacuum broke, but honestly, I was putting it off long before that.

Today, I borrowed a vacuum from my neighbor, and tackled the bedroom.  I’m allergic to dust, so I was not really enjoying myself, but I distracted myself from the discomfort with some episodes of What Not to Wear and The Office.

Did I ever tell you how much I love having a DVR?

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BlogHer Food Conference ’12

I have officially attended my first food blogging conference, or as my brother calls it, “nerd fest.”  Apparently my son feels the same way, because he once referred to blogging as a “nerdy woman thing to do.”  I have this fantasy where my family doesn’t realize how amazingly successful I’ve become, and they say, “How long are you going to keep spending all your time on this nerdy little hobby of yours?”  and I reply, “My blog makes a gazillion dollars every year, so there!” and they all sit in stunned silence with their mouths open, only I wouldn’t actually use the word “gazillion” because I have a pet peeve about using words that don’t really exist, and I probably wouldn’t say “so there!” because it’s a little juvenile.  But I would want to.

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Best Ever Chex Mix

My favorite chex mix; This chex mix recipe uses coconut, almonds, and other cereals to make the best tasting chex mix you’ll ever have!

chex mix recipe

Do you drink much Kool-Aid?  Me neither.  I’ve never been a huge fan of the stuff.   On the other hand, my kids get tired of drinking water, and I get tired of shelling out for milk and single-serving drinks.  I found a sweet sale + coupon price of $.07 per packet on the Kool-Aid, so I went nuts and bought 45 packages, 5 each of 9 different flavors.

I learned something interesting by doing this. Did you know that a 13-year-old is perfectly capable of making a pitcher full of Kool-Aid, but completely incapable of cleaning up the mess? I always know when offspring #2 has been making Kool-Aid, because I find the following items on the kitchen counter:

– Empty drink packet, torn into two pieces
– Container of sugar
– Measuring Cup
– Pitcher of Kool-Aid
– Empty cup with traces of Kool-Aid in it

And so, Kool-Aid has surprisingly become a tool for teaching my son responsibility.  Son: “Mom, can I make Kool-Aid?”  Me:  “Last time, that didn’t work out too well for me.”  He is now pointing out to me that he cleaned up his mess.  And I am responding by making him list every part of the mess that he believes he cleaned up.

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Fathers Day Favorites

What’s the deal with Fathers Day and ties?  Does anyone actually buy their dad a tie for Father’s Day?  It must be the most disappointing gift of all time.  I always wonder about those husbands that get their wives gifts like brooms and aprons.  Talk about a disappointing gift.  What is the message behind that?  Get in the kitchen and make me some dinner, woman!  

In all fairness, though, I frequently give my husband tools as gifts, for which the unspoken message is clearly Fix my air conditioning before I strangle you in your sleep!  He never seems to mind.  Either that, or he’s ignoring me.  But, what is the unspoken message behind the necktie?  I took it upon myself to come up with a few ideas.

  1. Please dress like you care.
  2. Don’t ever wear that tie your mother gave you.
  3. You’re going to need to work harder to look like you deserve me.
  4. Things you hate make me happy.

The men in my life are fortunate that I prefer baking cookies to purchasing neckties.  While I’m certain there are some fabulous neckties out there, I believe most men get more excited about food.  Below are my guys’ favorite cookies, in honor of Father’s Day.

1. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, my dad’s favorite.  He had a hard time choosing, because he basically likes everything.

2. Cherries Jubilee Cookies, my husband’s favorite.  I think he mostly likes this cookie because he likes actual Cherries Jubilee so well.

3. Toffee Almond Cookies, my husband’s close second favorite.  He likes a cookie that you can dunk in milk, and this a perfect one for that.

4. Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies, my brother’s favorite.  His adoration of all things peanut butter is the stuff of legends.

5. Triple Chocolate Chunk Oreo Cookies, my other brother’s favorite.  Any cookie with chocolate and chunks is the right one for him.


Trust me, ladies.  Skip the neckties this year, and bake cookies instead.  Your dads will thank you.

Nutella Cheesecake (No-Bake!)

A simple recipe for a Nutella cheesecake with Oreo crust.

Source:  I think I’m addicted to My Baking Addiction.

Yield: 4-6 servings, I made 5.

I seriously love summer.  It doesn’t make much sense, because I prefer not to be seen in a swimsuit, and I am way more comfortable wearing a sweater or jacket over my blouse, and shaving my legs is way down my list of priorities.

But, I love the sun.  I love the way it feels, I love the light, and I love the heat.

Well, I love air conditioning.  And, I love heat in small doses.

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies


I’m a sucker for a good romance.  Not a cheesy romance, or a silly one, or one that is too dark…  it has to be good.  Case in point, You’ve Got Mail.  It’s a perfect romantic movie, with the right balance of lightheartedness and love.  I love the scene when he comes to her apartment when she’s sick, and brings her daisies.  She wraps up in a trench coat, so he won’t see her in her pajamas!  It’s the end that gets me, though.  When he comes around the corner with the dog, and she realizes it’s been him the whole time…  ah!!  I’ll admit to a tear or two.

That movie is just classic!  Kind of like these cookies.

For our recent family camping trip, I brought two of my favorite classics along:  the Butter and Jam Thumbprints and these Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.  They both disappeared rather quickly.

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