Orange Creamsicle Whoopie Pies Guest Post

I’m feeling all popular and stuff because I’m actually guest posting twice this week.  If we were in high school, I’d be sitting at the cool table right now.  I’m glad we’re not, though, because I’m wearing sweats and slippers and no make-up, which would definitely get me kicked off the cool table.

So today, my glass of orange soda is my only friend.

You heard me right.  For today only, I have traded my beloved Diet Dr. Pepper for sweet and simple orange soda.  Because it’s that kind of day.  And because last night, I made cookies with orange soda in them.  You’ve probably seen them on Pinterest.  Today, I’m seeing them live in my own kitchen.

Orange Whoopie Pie

My new blogging bud, Randee, asked me to tell her readers all about the easiest stinkin’ whoopie pie of all time.  I, of course, said yes.  So you can see these beauties live too, with one little click, at Randee’s Organized Chaos.

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