Coconut Cream Cookies on Measured By the Heart

I have a tendency to create a lot of coconut recipes.  It’s a disease.  I think there’s even a name for it in the official medical book of obscure diseases.  You can’t blame me, though.  I’m a product of my environment.  My family literally begged me to make Coconut Cream cookies this week.  It was an idea that came from the head of my oldest son, and all the kids backed him up.  Coconut Cream Cookies?  I’ve never heard of such a thing?  Exactly how am I supposed to make that?

I guess I’m more of a genius than I imagined, because I came up with a pretty tasty little creation, one that I’m pretty proud of.  One the family is thrilled with.  One that will stave off the coconut cravings in our house for at least a week.

Or, almost a week, anyway.

I feel super fortunate that Connie over at Measured by the Heart asked me to guest post today.  It was super nice of her!  If you click this link, you can get the full post complete with:

  • recipe
  • how this cookie inspired me to clean my hoarded office
  • some nice pics with my new favorite dish (I paid $3 for it at Ross)

I live a really exciting life, I know.

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