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Pumpkin Chip Cookies

A spiced pumpkin cookie full of chocolate chips.

Source: Food Network, this one courtesy of George Duran.

Yield: Around 4-5 dozen, depending on size.

I have a niece that is just a couple years younger than my daughter.  She lives about 45 minutes away, but frequently spends weekends with us.  She loves to play with my daughter, and the two of them are total BFF’s.  When they are together, there is generally a lot of giggling and silliness, typical little girl stuff.

This weekend, my daughter had been invited to a birthday party, so my niece was stuck at our house, bored.  We decided to make cookies to pass the time.  She is the only child of a single dad, so baking cookies is not something she has a lot of experience with.  She is also pretty unfamiliar with a lot of spices, so these pumpkin cookies turned out to be a great choice.

I always feel like pumpkin-based desserts are more appropriate for the last quarter of the year.  But, even though it is spring, I was really in the mood for them.  Plus, I got a can of pumpkin on clearance at the grocery store, so it was the perfect storm.

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