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Gateau Cookies

A soft lemon cookie, filled with orange marmalade and topped with icing.

Source: Betty Crocker Cooky Book… a very old one, from the 1960’s, I think.

Yield: varies widely.  I ended up with about 3 dozen, but it could easily have been more.

I was looking for something new and fun to try, so I went diving into my mother-in-laws old cook books.  (Don’t be surprised if I post more recipes from this source!) I will say that this is by far and away the fussiest, the fanciest, the most fragile cookie I have ever made.  I am not a person with a passion for tedium, so these cookies tested my patience.  The fact that I made them at 11:00 pm while in a bad mood didn’t help.  The results, however, were better than I expected.  Quite delicious!

One of the main reasons I decided to make this cookie this week was one of the ingredients, the orange marmalade.  I never, and I mean never, have orange marmalade in the house.  I like it okay, but the rest of my family flatly refuses to eat it.  I don’t think I have ever even purchased it.  But, a friend of mine gave me a jar of homemade orange marmalade and I have been enjoying it in small doses for several weeks now.  I thought, if I am ever going to make this cookie, I ought to do it now, while I know I have marmalade to use.  I won’t lie… a piece of me was sad to see it go into a cookie.  I means no more marmalade for toast or crackers.  But it found an excellent home, so I couldn’t stay sad long.

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Chocolate Peppermint Pinwheels

Sugar cookie dough infused with chocolate and peppermint and swirled into a lovely pinwheel.

Source: Alton Brown, on the Food Network Site.

Yield: about 20 giant cookies

Perhaps the only flavor combination to come close to the amazing wonder of chocolate and peanut butter together is chocolate and peppermint.  For years I have been telling people that my favorite ice cream is peppermint… smothered in hot fudge.  (Unfortunately, good peppermint ice cream is not easy to come by.  I personally prefer the variety made at the Utah State University creamery, which is, even more unfortunately, only available seasonally.)   When I found this recipe, I was very excited to try it.  It has all my favorite things in it.

You may have noticed that my batch did not turn out exactly professional looking.  In fact, they are downright ugly.  My husband advised me to make a new batch before posting, but I disagreed.  I will, however, explain why mine turned out so weird-looking so you can avoid this mistake.

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Butter and Jam Thumbprints

A simple butter cookie with jam filling.

Source: Food Network Kitchens

Yield: about 3 dozen cookies

The thumbprint cookie has always seemed like something of a staple of Americana to me.  A butter cookie filled with jam; what could be nicer?  Nevertheless, today was my first time ever making them.  I can’t even say why this is, but I blame my family.  I don’t remember ever having thumbprint cookies at my house, or my grandparents homes, or even the homes of close friends.  Maybe they just weren’t popular in my neighborhood.

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