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Chocolate Waffle Iron Cookies

A very quick recipe for a chocolate cookie baked in a waffle iron.

Source: My son’s junior high cooking class.

Yield: about 30-40 little blobs

My son is required to take this class at school which takes them through several practical vocational studies, including computers and bookkeeping, wood and metal shop, and cooking and sewing.  Surprisingly to me, he liked computers the least.  He really enjoys cooking and baking, and was very excited the day he brought home this recipe.  He made them for the family, and they disappeared in less than 30 minutes.  This is when I knew I needed to try it myself.

I have rarely come across a cookie that was easier or faster to make.  Even the stove-top no-bake cookies need time to cool.  These can be eaten in less than 10 minutes from the moment you decide to make them.  I’ll admit, they are not fancy, they don’t look cute on a nice platter.  They look like little blobs of dough that have been in a waffle iron… because that is exactly what they are.  However, when you have a house full of junior high age boys after school, and they need a snack, these are the perfect solution.

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