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Friday Favorites #10

I’ve never been a dog person.  Let me rephrase… I’ve never been a pet person.  I might be able to handle the occasional betta fish or hamster, but I don’t want a bird or a ferret in my house and Keep.  That.  Stupid.  CAT. Away from me!!  I realize I’m probably hurting the feelings of a lot of devoted cat owners out there, but I truly detest cats.  I tell people it’s because I’m allergic, which is true, but even if I weren’t, I would still hate them.  You know what is worse than cleaning up cat poop?  Cleaning, out of your own flower boxes, the poop of someone else’s stupid trespassing cat.  Gross.

And so, we got a dog.  Obviously.

Entering the world of dog ownership has been a big adjustment for me.  It’s lucky for this dog he is so darn cute, and well-loved by her royal highness, the Princess of Quite-a-Lot, because I really don’t fit in with the other dog owners, and I don’t like planning my day around the dog.  AT ALL.

Did the dog completely monopolize my week?  Yes, he did.  Well, almost.  I did manage to get a few other things done.

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