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October 2014 Wrap-Up

october-2014-squareI remember clear back in September, which was ages ago, people told me they were excited for October.  For the pumpkin, and the fall weather, and the soup.  And, while September might be my favorite of all months, and October isn’t too bad itself, I’m sort of dreading November.

Why?  I had to turn on the heater.  Just this week.

I don’t know why I live in one of those places that can host the winter olympics.  I love warm weather and sunshine.

On the other hand, I love warm desserts and Christmas cookies, and OHHHHHH how I love Thanksgiving.  It might be my favorite holiday.

So while I’m dreading scraping snow off my car and wearing gloves and putting extra blankets on the beds, I’m looking forward to baking up some lovely holiday inspired treats for you.  I actually have some awesome stuff planned for November, but before we dive into that, let’s take a quick look back on October.

You know, just in case you missed something.


pumpkin-buttermilk-donuts-4 Chocolate Buttermilk Donuts

(With a chocolate milk glaze!)  These beauties represent my
first donut making attempt.  And I have concluded that I need
to make more donuts!

pantry-essentials-4 Baking Essentials for Your Pantry

After cleaning out and re-organizing my pantry, I thought I
would share some essential ingredients every baker should
have in their own pantry.

choc-sugar-cookies-3 Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Simple sugar cookies cut into circles can be decorated a
variety of ways.  Here I show 5 Halloween decorating
ideas involving chocolate.

almond-shortbread-fingers-3 Almond Shortbread “Fingers”

(With “Blood” Vanilla Pudding)  Another Halloween cookie idea,
this time I shaped shortbread into fingers and used colored
pudding as a dip.

caramel-layer-cake-5 Caramel Layer Cake with Caramel Buttercream

My sister’s recipe this month is this gorgeous caramel layer
cake.  Don’t let the simple flavor profile fool you, this cake
is one you will remember!

PB-cup-cookies-7 Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Peanut butter lovers unite!  These simple cookies are stuffed
with peanut butter cups.  It gives them an unexpected shot
of extra peanut butter flavor!

hot-cheese-dip-3 Roasted Red Pepper Hot Cheese Dip

I roasted both red and jalapeno peppers, and married several
kinds of cheese, to make these delicious hot dip.  Great served
with crackers or bread.

brookies-5 Peanut Butter Brookies

More ideas for you peanut butter lovers!  These brookies are a
layer of chocolate brownies and a layer of peanut butter cookie.
What could be better?

dulce-de-leche-cookies-5 Dulce de Leche Sandwich Cookies

This “sweet milk” has such a wonderful rich caramel flavor!  I
used it in the cookies, and as a spread to sandwich them.  They
are great plain or sandwiched!

dulce-de-leche-cookies-4 (4 of 1) Samoas Brownies

Building of my love of the Samoas Krispie Treats from several
months ago, this time I use the chocolate-caramel-coconut
combination on a brownie!

In other news, my Pumpkin Favorites board was featured in the Pinterest newsletter.  I’m pretty proud of this board.  I’ve worked hard to find some amazing pumpkin treats and meals to share with you there.  If you are looking for Thanksgiving dinner ideas, you can also check out my new Thanksgiving Favorites board.  This has a lot of savory and sweet ideas totally perfect for Thanksgiving.

Want to know what’s coming up in November?  First of all, Cookie Week!!  Lots of bloggers get together to share their favorite cookies, most of them holiday friendly, and there’s no way I’m missing an event like that.  I’ll be posting some great new cookie recipes I’ve developed for this holiday season, as well as some fun ideas from the other bloggers.  That will be happening next week, so stay tuned.

I’ve also been in talks with some of my favorite brands about bringing you some great deals, not to mention recipes using the products I love.  I’ll be keeping my eyes open for great deals on baking supplies too.  The best way to stay up to date on all this is to follow my Facebook page.  I post about 3-5 times a day there, and love to share relevant recipes, collections, and baking deals.

Also?  Pie.  That’s right, Thanksgiving pie.

Chime in!  Tell me what you love the most about these last two months of the year.

September Wrap-Up


September might be my favorite month.  I love when summer lingers, reluctant to transform into fall.

And, I’m not going to lie, I do enjoy the routine and the hopefulness that comes with the beginning of the school year.

I’ll tell you the truth, I spent at least half this month feeling very behind, and making recipes the day before I posted them.  I’m kind of glad the month is drawing to an end, so I can finally catch my breath!

My favorite post of the month, as weird as this is to say, is the Chocolate Cheesecake.  It’s a more complicated recipe than I normally make, it took quite a while, and to be completely honest, I didn’t love the photos that much.  It was a frustrating day, to be sure.

But, as time wore on, I found it more fun to remember and look at.  And it had some success on Pinterest, which didn’t hurt my opinion of the cake at all.

Here is a list of everything I worked on in September, in case you missed anything.




Oatmeal Cream Pies

There’s something about the back to school
season that makes me think of these simple
oatmeal cookies with marshmallow filling.

grandmas-chocolate-cake-5 Grandma’s Chocolate Cake

We celebrated Robb’s 40th birthday with
his favorite chocolate cake, the one his
Grandma used to make.

lazy-squares-2 No-Bake Lazy Squares

This is my sister’s creation this month, and
lazy is exactly right!  These are super duper
easy to make, and really delicious.

chocolate-coconut-cookies-3 Dark Chocolate Coconut Cookies

Some days regular chocolate just isn’t
chocolatey enough.  The coconut adds a
wonderful chewy texture to these cookies.

peach-plum-crisp-4 Peach Plum Crisp

I was excited to use my favorite fruit, the
peach, and the huge harvest of plums I
collected this season to make this tasty

5-great-snacks 5 Great Snack Products

I shared 5 of my all time favorite quick and
easy snack products.  These are products
you should try anytime you need something
delicious quickly!

banana-pudding-3 Banana Pudding

I had to revisit my son’s favorite dessert
ever this month.  This kid loves bananas in
any form he can get them!

brown-sugar-chocolate-chip-cookies-4 Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies

Dark brown sugar not only gives these cookies
a fantastic rich, molasses flavor, it also gives
them a soft and chewy texture.

chocolate-cheesecake-6 Chocolate Cheesecake

I added chocolate to my Grandfather’s famous
New York style cheesecake to make this one
seriously rich and decadent treat!

cheddar-bacon-pecan-bites-2 Bacon Cheese Pecan Bites

This one courtesy of Em, whose motto is, when
in doubt, Add Cheese And Bacon!  These make
a great snack or even a breakfast!

pumpkin-bars-egg-free-5 Pumpkin Cookie Bars with Cinnamon Icing

I couldn’t let September slip by without at least
one pumpkin dessert recipe to drool over!  The
cinnamon frosting puts them over the top.


Other highlights from this month:

I found some amazing recipes from other talented blogger this month too.

Coming up in October:

  • I use copious amounts of pumpkin.  And probably copious amounts of chocolate, too.
  • I celebrate Halloween with my friends.  They are great at coming up with fun holiday foods!
  • I finally make the birthday cookies for Miss K, 4 months past her birthday.  Pretty sure this makes me the worst aunt ever.

Chime in!  How was September for you?  What plans do you have for October baking?  Leave your answers in the comments below.

June 2014 Wrap-Up


June 2014 Wrap-UpJune is glorious, isn’t it?

School is out and so is the sun.  Did I ever tell you how much I looooooovvve summer?!

I really had fun with some awesome recipes this month.  It seems you did, too, because almost all of this month’s recipes were popular and well-received.  If you missed any of them, I hope you’ll take this chance to catch up!

I think I would even have trouble picking a favorite this month, myself.  I loved it all.

Although…  the Frozen Hot Chocolate has been particularly popular, and since I taught the kids to make it, every bit of cocoa mix in my house has disappeared.  I’m going to feel silly buying cocoa mix in the middle of summer!

Check these out, and let me know which is your favorite!

Butterscotch-blondies-3 Butterscotch Blondies

The PERFECT blondie recipe, and my new personal go-to,
this one comes with butterscotch chips.

dipped-cheesecake-bites-5 Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake Bites

Cheesecake is delicious all by its fabulous self, but dip it in
chocolate, and you really have my attention!

orange-blueberry-whoopie-pies-5 Orange Blueberry Whoopie Pies

These cookies are so summery, with fresh orange and fresh
blueberries!  Sometimes fruit cookies are the way to go.

frozen-hot-chocolate-5 Frozen Hot Chocolate

Don’t forget the whipped cream for this yummy frozen
treat!  Tastes just like cocoa, only COLD!

pb-snickers-pops-7 Peanut Butter Snickers Ice Cream Pops

For those on-the-go days, these ice cream pops with Snickers
are sure to make the entire family happy!

choc-chip-dip-3 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip

I just can’t get enough of chocolate chips!  This dip is great
with small cookies or graham crackers.  Or nothing at all!

caramel-stuffed-chocolate-chunk-cookies-3 Caramel Stuffed Chocolate Chunk Cookies

One of my favorite chocolate chip recipes ever!  These extra
large cookies are stuffed with Rolo candies!

CCC-collage-1 100 Chocolate Chip Cookies

The definitive collection!  I’ve gathered 100 fantastic recipes
for chocolate chip cookies in one place.  You’ll love this!

lemon-raspberry-meringues-8b Raspberry Meringues

This is such a light and summery dessert.  Fresh lemon and
raspberry makes this dessert really delicious.

In other news, I broke one of my cardinal rules this month, and put raisins in cookies.  That’s right.  Raisins.  I contributed these Oatmeal Raisin Cookies to My Cooking Spot this month.  If you disagree with me about raisins, you might want to check this one out.

If you want to keep up on the latest stuff from this blog, you might want to follow me on Pinterest.  This board includes only recipes from this blog, so you can easily find them all in one place.

And DON’T FORGET!  There’s a giveaway going on for fresh berries from Driscoll’s!  You could win $100 in coupons for fresh berries, enough to last you all summer!  There are several ways to enter.  ENTER TO WIN HERE.  The contest will end soon, so hurry and get your entries in now.

February 2014 Wrap-Up

Recipe collection from February.

February Wrap-Up from JensFavoriteCookies.com February is like a cruel joke here in Utah.  It does this Every. Stinking. Year.

It gets sort of warm.  Sort of.  Warm enough that we get rain which melts the snow, and the tulips start to poke out of the ground, and it makes you think spring is coming.  You start going places in just a light jacket.  You start making plans for your flower garden.

Then?  March comes and it snows again.  And again.  It freezes your tender fruit blossoms and basically just kills your soul.

Spring fever is the worst in February.  Because in reality, spring is nowhere in sight.

On the other hand, February baked good are SO fun.  Between the Valentines Day desserts, and the game watching snacks, February is just plain fun.

Here are the highlights:

strawberry-oreo-pudding-cookies Strawberry Oreo Pudding Cookies

The strawberry pudding gives these cookies not only
their color and flavor, but also makes them so soft
and chewy!  A simple and easy pink treat.

red-velvet-sandwich-hearts-5 Red Velvet Sandwich Heart Cookies

We celebrated Valentines in style with this awesome
collection of 14 Valentine recipes!  These red velvet
cookies with chocolate frosting are super easy to make.

peppermint-bark-brownies-5 Peppermint Bark Brownies

I don’t know why everyone thinks peppermint is just for
Christmas, because I could eat it all year long.  These
brownies topped with peppermint bark really hit the spot!

choc-chip-scones-7 Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Scones

These simple drop scones with chocolate chips are the perfect
remedy for a rotten day.  They also make a lovely Sunday
morning breakfast.

coconut-fudge-cookie-bars-4 Coconut Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

It’s been a while since I had as many compliments as I had
on these cookie bars.  Plus, I seriously love coconut.  The
coconut fudge makes these completely decadent!

rainbow-cake-in-jar-3 Rainbow Cake in a Jar

These single serving, rainbow colored cakes are baked in
canning jars and topped with vanilla frosting and sprinkles.
Perfect for birthdays or St. Patrick’s Day.

soft-pretzels-3 Soft Baked Pretzels

Homemade soft pretzels are easier to make than you might
think.  I’ve made them at least five times in the last three
weeks, and they are devoured within minutes.

pork-and-hummus-flatbread-bites-3 Pork & Hummus Flatbread Bites

Garlicky hummus, pork loin, arugula and goat cheese
make these little flatbread rounds a fantastic idea for
an appetizer or light lunch.

I had a great time with my friends celebrating Valentines Day food blogger style.  If you didn’t check out all 14 incredible Valentine recipes, I suggest you do!  And if you’re into Valentines Day, you might want to follow my Valentines Favorites board on Pinterest, too.  It will be full of great V-day treats!

And speaking of Valentines Day, I made these fun Strawberries and Cream Pudding Cookies for My Cooking Spot this month.  Pudding cookies are so delicious, soft, and creamy!

I found my recipes featured in several different places this month, including this brownie collection on Delish.com, this brownie collection on Cosmopolitan, and this awesome red velvet collection on BuzzFeed.  You’re going to love all these collections!

I can’t wait to share with you everything I have planned for March!

January Wrap-Up

Best recipes for January; Best recipes for cookies, desserts, and snacks for the month of January.

January-2104 recipes from Jen's Favorite CookiesIsn’t January wonderful?

Nothing against December, I love December, and Christmas, and baking and gift giving… but January is so wonderful.  It’s all clean, and simple, there are no big holidays, no reason for the kids to have a day off school, and everything gets organized and back to routine in January.

January is all full of hope and goals and resolutions.  They might all fall apart in February, but at least we have January, my friends.  At least we have January.

January was a good month for baking, too.  The Plain Oatmeal Cookies were quite popular, especially on Pinterest.  The Nutella Swirled Peanut Butter Bars were so popular, my church asked me to bring them to a social.  The Red Velvet Dip nearly caused my kids to come to blows.  And… I got to indulge in one of my very favorite snacks ever ever… Cheesy Garlic Bread.  Yuuuuuuumm.  I think only chocolate can compete with garlic for my love.

There’s a quick recap and link to each post here:

plain-oatmeal-cookies-6 Plain Oatmeal Cookies

These simple cookies might be my favorite recipe in several months.
There are no chocolate chips, no nuts, nothing fancy at all in these
lovely, delicious, perfect oat cookies.

Cinnamon-spice-granola-5 Cinnamon Spice Granola

Homemade granola is one of my favorite things, and this one is warm
and comforting, with walnuts, cinnamon and other spices.

Nutella-swirled-PB-bars-6 Nutella Swirled Peanut Butter Bars

These fudgy peanut butter bars are fantastic on their own, but the
addition of a swirl of Nutella puts them over the top!  I guarantee
these will disappear in hurry.

key-lime-sugar-cookie-bars-7 Key Lime Sugar Cookies Bars

Sugar cookies are easy to make as bars, and they taste just as soft
and delicious!  I used lime juice to give these a fresh citrus flavor, and
even topped them with lime frosting.

cheesy-garlic-bread-2 Cheesy Garlic Bread Sticks

My secret ingredient for fantastic bread sticks is hot dog buns!  Cover
them in cheese and garlic butter for a great game day snack or side
dish for pizza.

black-white-cheesecake-bars-4 Dark Chocolate Cheesecake Bars

This dark chocolate cake is topped with a layer of cheesecake, and
chocolate chips.  It makes a beautiful black and white dessert.

red-velvet-cake-batter-dip-4 Red Velvet Cake Batter Dip

My kids fought over this dip when I made it!  Red Velvet cake mix and
cream cheese make a great dip for fruit or graham crackers.  The red
color makes it a perfect addition to your Valentines celebration.

sweet-tangy-dip-6 Sweet & Tangy Meatball Dip

I make this 5-ingredient combination frequently, and it works perfectly
with meatballs or sausages.  You’ll love this for your game day get


What else happened this month?

Well… I created a new Pinterest board where I shared some of the very best stuff from some of the very best bloggers during 2013.  If you would love to see some new blogs, and want to start with their very best and most recent stuff, I suggest browsing through this board, called Best Recipes of 2013.

I contributed a chocolate version of the cake batter dip at My Cooking Spot.

I re-created a crazy cute hairstyle at my daughters insistence.  Even though I couldn’t have done it without the video playing in the bathroom while I worked, I was still pretty proud of myself.  The Hippie Chick was happy with the compliments she got.  Check out Cute Girls Hairstyles on YouTube to learn this one yourself.

I bought myself a much needed utensil crock in January.  The old (very old) one was just too small to hold my ever increasing number of wooden spoons and spatulas.  The new one is red, and big, and gorgeous and NEW.  Just the way I like my stuff.

Last but not least, I chatted with some of you awesome folks over at Facebook.  If you want to catch up with me about recipes, or baking, or hairstyles, or why my dog is photobombing my food pictures, Facebook is the place for it.  I practically live there.

Leave me a comment below, and let me know what you’re hoping to see in February!

November Wrap-Up

Monthly recap for November 2013.

November Wrap UpI’m not going to lie, November was a rough month for me.  Since my family was sick (and I was the sickest of them all!) it was pretty tough for me to get much blogging done.

However, the things I did post this month were a lot of fun for me.  Some of them are my new favorite recipes!

Here’s a quick recap of what happened in November, in case you missed anything.


chocolate-banana-bread-6 Chocolate Banana Bread

This delicious bread disappeared in no time
flat at my house.  It tastes amazing with
a little peanut butter and honey!

zucchini-spears-13 Parmesan Crusted Zucchini Spears

My very first wordless recipe!  I showed you
how to make these delicious baked zucchini
spears with only photos.

pumpkin-spice-nanaimo-bars-5 Pumpkin Spice Nanaimo Bars

This is another recipe I couldn’t keep my
hands off of!  These no-bake bars are one
of my new personal favorite recipes.

Eggnog-Cookies-6 Eggnog Cookies

I made four cookies for Cookie Week this
month.  These Eggnog Cookies were delicious
and quite popular as well, quickly earning a
place on my “popular post” page.

peppermint-thumbprints-7 Peppermint Thumbprints

I couldn’t let Cookie Week go by without
making something peppermint.  These minty
cream cheese cookies are filled with chocolate.

linzer-cookies-6 Linzer Cookies

These are so beautiful, and they were a big
hit with our family at Thanksgiving.  The almond
cookies are filled with plum jelly and sprinkled
with powdered sugar.

giant-ginger-6 Giant Ginger Cookies

My last Cookie Week cookie is also the very
first recipe I ever posted on this blog.  These
cookies are fantastically delicious, and definitely
deserved a second look!

peppermint-cocoa-4 Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Once my family started getting sick, I made
this easy slow cooker hot chocolate, with
peppermint and marshmallows, to soothe all
the sore throats.

apple-pie-bars-5 Apple Pie Cheesecake Bars

I used Honey Bunches of Oats to make a crust
for these delicious apple cheesecake bars.
Robb couldn’t keep his hands off these bars,
and he tells me they are his new favorite!

Christmas Cookies -2 100+ Christmas Cookies

This is a cookie blog, after all, so I created for
you a collection of more than 100 amazing
cookie recipes that will be perfect for the


In addition to all these fun recipes, I also contributed a recipe for Easy Cheesy Jalapeno Cornbread to My Cooking Spot this month.  It barely qualifies as cornbread, it’s a lot more like cake, but it has been a big hit in the neighborhood!

I’ve been putting together this great Pinterest board called Cookie Favorites, and asked some of my blogging friends to contribute to it as well.  This is a great resource for cookie recipe ideas!  If you’re not following this board yet, you can find it here.

Want a sneak peek of what’s coming in December?  More fun with Eggnog; a holiday party with my friends; and Christmas Week!  (and that’s just the first half of December!)

October Recap


October was pretty awesome this year.  I had lots of fun bringing you some great fall and Halloween themed treats.

The highlight of the month, for me, was the Halloween Party I held with my friends.  Each of us shared a Halloween food with you.  I hope you saw it, my friends came up with some really fantastic stuff!  It’s always fun getting together with them, and finding some fantastic new recipes.

Are we connected on Facebook?  I’ve been quite devoted all month to bringing you lots of recipes from myself and lots of other great bloggers on my Facebook page.  If you’re fond of finding beautiful recipe ideas on Facebook, (and really, who isn’t?) you should say hi to me over there.

Want an idea of what’s coming up in November?  Scroll to the bottom of this post to find out!

Here’s what happened in October:

Russian-tea-cakes-7 Russian Tea Cakes

These classic shortbread cookies are loaded with walnuts
or pecans and rolled in powdered sugar.  They make a
perfect Christmas cookie!

german-chocolate-skillet-cake-6 German Chocolate Skillet Cake

This simple but delicious chocolate cake is baked in a
cast iron skillet.  Top it with this great coconut pecan
frosting to complete the picture.

dk-choc-muddy-buddy-5 Dark Chocolate Coconut Muddy Buddies

If you want a Halloween treat that is slightly more adult,
you’ll love these muddy buddies.  The dark chocolate,
coconut, and pistachios might be enough to make kids
lose interest, so adults can indulge while relaxing!

12-easy-halloween-treats 12 Quick and Easy Halloween Treats

If you want a Halloween party, but you’re short on time,
this collection is for you!  All treats in here are super
quick and super easy!  You can have the cutest party on
the block in minutes!

spider-cookies-5 Spider Cookies

Turn basic chocolate chip cookies into fun spider cookies
for Halloween!  Kids will love making and eating this
seasonal treat!

Butterfinger-bark-6 Butterfinger Bark & Halloween Party

This easy homemade candy tastes very similar to
Butterfinger candy bars!  Cut it into fun Halloween shapes
for the holiday.  While you’re here check out the other
fantastic Halloween recipes!

hot-spiced-cider-2 Hot Spiced Cider

Turn apple juice or apple cider into a warm and relaxing
hot buttered spiced cider drink.  It is perfect for cool
weather and sick days!

ginger-cookies-with-molasses-2 Molasses Waffle Cookies with Chocolate Frosting

These molasses cookies are baked in a waffle iron!  They
can be made very quickly and easily without heating up
the oven!  Top with chocolate frosting for a fun seasonal

For several months now, I’ve been contributing to the site “My Cooking Spot” once a month.  In October, I shared these delicious OREO TRUFFLES, rolled in seasonal sprinkles.  These were quite popular at my house.  Not only did my kids eat them all within a few hours, (and literally left the empty dish in the fridge!  Thanks kids!) but they’ve been asking me every week to make them again.

What’s coming up in November?  Cookie Week!  Cookie Week is the second week of November, and will be a large event with lots and lots of great holiday cookies, with fun giveaways for prizes!  If you like to bake cookies for the holidays, you will not want to miss this event.

Also?  A new feature… Wordless Wednesday.  Periodically I will be sharing recipes that can be described with no words at all.  These posts will be pictures only, and they should be a fun and different way to share recipes.

I can’t wait to share all this great stuff with you in November!  Thanks for being part of my life and my blog in October, I certainly appreciate your support.  If you haven’t yet, please consider subscribing to e-mail updates, to be sure you see all the latest and greatest JFC stuff in your inbox!  (click the brown box below to subscribe.)

September Recap

sept-wrapupSeptember was a good month for Jen’s Favorite Cookies, and I want to thank you all for that.

This site saw lots of new viewers, lots of new followers, and some really fun recipes.  I certainly do love sharing good food with you, with beautiful photography and fun stories.  In fact, I love interacting with you any way I can.  (If you haven’t yet, you should totally consider connecting with me on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram!)

That being said, here’s a recap of what happened in September, and some of my other favorite things.


cheddar-bacon-scones-6 Cheddar Bacon Scones

These savory buttermilk scones contain cheddar, bacon,
and green onions.  I think these would be so great with a bowl of chili.
I also describe why I’m a better foreman than apprentice when
helping my husband with his building projects.

chocolate-zucchini-cookies-5 Chocolate Zucchini Cookies

These fluffy buttermilk cookies use shredded zucchini for texture.
It might be the only way I can get my family to eat their greens!
I made these after my neighbor brought me the biggest zucchini
I have ever seen!

zucchini-recipes 24 Zucchini Recipes

Since zucchini season is in full swing, I made this great collection
of zucchini recipes for you.  Many of these recipes are sweet,
but some are savory.

chocolate-pudding-7 Chocolate Pudding

This simple egg-free pudding is a favorite in Robb’s family.  I
interviewed Robb about what it’s like being married to a food
blogger, he dishes about the strangest thing I’ve done for this
blog, and you can read the truth about who does the dishes
around here.

pumpkin-fudge-cookie-bars-6 Pumpkin Fudge Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

I used Pumpkin Spice Kisses to make a simple pumpkin fudge, and
I layered it between chocolate chip cookie dough.  The bars turned
out kind of gooey, but it didn’t stop my family from devouring them
in record speed.

orange-smoothie-3 Orange Carrot Smoothie

I love my green smoothies, but sometimes I crave a little
something different.  I used carrots and oranges to make
this simple and healthy smoothie.  These smoothies are almost
a necessity for my too-busy son and his swim-fatigued body.

brownie-mix-cookies-6 Brownie Mix Cookies

Use a brownie mix and some oil to put together these super easy
chocolate cookies. These are the sorts of recipes I make when I
wake up with cranium-splitting headaches.

pumpkin-roll-bars-9 Pumpkin Roll Bars

Every year, my sister-in-law and I make pumpkin rolls, and we hold
our breath and cross our fingers, and hope they won’t crack.  This
year, I made them into bars.  They taste just the same, but there’s
no rolling required!

Pretzel-Toffee-5 Pretzel Toffee

I rounded out the month with this simple and delicious pretzel toffee.
It was my most popular post of the month!  Toffee is much easier to
make than most people realize, and if you pour it over pretzels you
get that wonderful salt-sweet combination!

More September news:  I created two new Pinterest Boards you might be interested in, a PUMPKIN RECIPES board, and a MUFFINS & SCONES board.  I hope you’ll find me there.

I’ve also created a slideshow about how to use Pinterest.  I made this for those of you who already know and love Pinterest, but would like to learn to use it better, and find some more great content.

Find the Pinterest Slideshow on SlideShare.net

Thanks for all your help and support this month.  It’s been fun making these recipes for you!  Stay tuned… October will bring fun homemade candies, fall cookies, and Halloween desserts!