Onion Dill Oyster Crackers

This particular flavor combo was suggested to me by a friend. A brilliant friend. A friend who knows what’s good. I was kind of surprised, actually. You can taste both the onion and the dill in these crackers, but the combination of the two flavors was something else entirely.

Mint Sandwiches and Holiday Food Party

This week’s dessert is simple, easy, and requires no refrigeration. We’re also bringing you an awesome holiday food party with twelve fantastic bloggers!

Butterfinger Bark and Halloween Food Party

Because, y’all?! My friends are back!! And we’ve gathered up some amazing-awesome Halloween recipes just for you. Because that’s the kind of friends we are.

Game Day Dip Round-up

Dip is the perfect game day snack! This collection of great dips is perfect for any get together, superbowl party, or Sunday afternoon.

Chunky Taco Dip

Instead of my normal snack food of popcorn with real butter, this night I served chips with taco dip. It’s ever so quick and easy to make. And ever so quickly and easily consumed.

Lime Cream Cheese Wontons

 Share on TumblrIn the twelve years we have lived in our home, we have had some strange experiences with pesky animals.  The worst, for me, are the mice.  Because I’m a mouseophobe.  Or rodentophobe.  Wait, I’m not afraid of hamsters or squirrels.  Let’s stick with mouseophobe.  And ratophobe. I. HATE. Mice.  I can’t word that [Read On]

Butterscotch Popcorn

 Share on TumblrButterscotch popcorn recipe;  You’ll love this easy and simple butterscotch popcorn recipe. My kids have the worst teeth.  You wouldn’t believe some of the things my dentist, orthodontist, and oral surgeon have told me. Yeah, we have an oral surgeon.  No biggie. Whenever we go to the dentist, the Lizard (kid #1) is [Read On]

Best Ever Chex Mix

I got this recipe from my sister-in-law, and I have no idea where she got it. Nor do I care, because this is my single favorite Chex mix ever, which is saying a lot, because I really like the muddy buddies.

Party Popcorn

 Share on TumblrA simple recipe for a festive white chocolate popcorn snack that is perfect for entertaining. Source: I’ve been making this popcorn treat for years, but recently found some good addition ideas at She Wears Many Hats. Yield: about 8 cups I have friends that I get together with once a month, and this [Read On]