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Lemon Pancakes with Lemon Syrup

Lemon syrup is easy and fast to make.  Recipe for Lemon pancakes with lemon syrup for breakfast.

lemon pancakesHaving a dog is like having a two-year old.

They never eat when or what you want them to, bath time is a huge mess, you have to clean up disgusting poop messes, and they never clean up their toys.

I’m so sick of stepping on dog toys, I can’t stand it.

I wish I could figure out how to train him to put his own toys away.  We keep a basket on the floor in the living room with his toys.  I have picked them all up, and then watched him drag every single toy out of the basket and scatter them around the living room within 10 minutes.  It’s enough to make me a cat lover.

Wait.  What am I saying?!  That’s crazy talk, I take it back.

lemon syrup

One of the worst times for having a little dog around is when I’m preparing meals.

The dog, naturally, wants to sniff everything.  He tries to climb on the counters (fortunately, he is too small).  He gets into the trash can.  He stands right by my feet so he can eat everything I drop.

I’ve stepped on him more than once.

Which is why pancakes are such a fantastic dinner choice.  There’s no chicken or bacon or cheese to make the dog crazy, and the kids love having pancakes.

lemon pancakes lemon syrup

Our family has loved this lemon syrup for a while now.  It’s one of my favorite creations.  We’ll put it on just about anything.

Lemon pancakes just seemed like an easy choice to compliment the lemon syrup.

I also considered adding some fresh herbs to these pancakes, maybe rosemary or thyme, but in the end… I forgot.  Dang it.  Next time I make them, I’m adding some rosemary.

I wonder what the dog will think of that?

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Orange Poppyseed Pancakes

I’ve recently been asked to create a cookbook, specifically of breakfast items.  Breakfast has, of necessity, become a big as heck deal at our house, so I’m getting better at it every day.  I thought I would share my basic pancake recipe, with some thoughts on how to embellish it.  Okay, okay… I’ll admit that it’s not MY recipe.  I use the basic recipe from the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook.  It’s a staple.  I will, however, take credit for the modifications.

The great thing about making pancakes this way is that I know this recipe works.  I also know that I can change it up by adding or substituting an ingredient or two.  This way the same old pancakes don’t really feel like the same old pancakes.  We can have pancakes once a week, and as long as I add a variation once in a while, it feels like a completely different breakfast.

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