Molasses Waffle Cookies with Chocolate Frosting

Have you ever made cookies in the waffle iron? Granted, you can only make 4 cookies at a time, but they cook quickly, and you don’t have to heat up your oven. And the kids think it’s such a novelty to eat cookies that look like waffles. What can I say? I aim to please.

Eggnog Bars

I personally prefer a little Shasta Black Cherry in my eggnog. Nothing transports me to the Christmas Eve’s of my childhood faster.


A few things have changed since I made this recipe last year. Hope your year has seen some wonderful, amazing changes, too.

Gingerbread Men

Pin ItA classic crispy gingerbread cookie with royal icing. Source: Martha Stewart, the Queen of the classics. Yield: 2-3 dozen Is there anything more Christmasey than Gingerbread men?  I think not.  My daughter, who is 10, is at an age where she is very interested in helping me bake, and she is capable and helpful [Read On]