Caramel Marshmallow Cookies

When my nephew, Happy Man, asked for caramel and marshmallow in his birthday cookies, I immediately thought of these Brown Sugar Cookies and Rolo minis.

Samoas Brownies

These brownies kind of had quite an effect on me. Apparently the chocolate-caramel-coconut combination is my own personal form of ambrosia. I had to send extra brownies in the kids lunches to keep myself from eating the whole pan.

Dulce de Leche Cookies

But, if Robb moves my car mirrors, I’m going to keep his Dulce de Leche cookies for myself. That’ll show him.

Caramel Layer Cake

Yes, you can eat caramel year-round but there’s something about caramel that pairs so well with fall and winter flavors.

Caramel Stuffed Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I had been wanting to make some caramel-stuffed cookies anyway, and since it was my niece’s birthday, I decided to use Rolo candies instead of caramels to stuff the cookies.

Caramel Corn Snack Mix

This caramel corn is more crunchy than sticky. As it should be. You still get that awesome caramely flavor without the fear of emergency dental work. And, because the Chex cereal tends to hold more caramel than the popcorn, there are actually a few bites that are caramel-free. Or caramel light, I guess.

Samoas Rice Krispie Treats

I don’t want to brag, but this might be one of the most brilliant concoctions I have ever dreamed up. I wish I had thought about this when we had the big krispie-treat-contest at the family reunion 2 years ago. I totally would have blown them away.

Homemade Caramels

I learned the tradition of caramel making from Robb’s family after we were married. He used to make them every Christmas, but in recent years I have become his loyal assistant.

Twix Cheesecake Bars

It seems like cheesecake bars are like the cool kid on the block these days. Everyone is making them. You name it, you can make it into a cheesecake bar.

Molasses Cookies with Caramel Cinnamon Glaze

I just loved this cookie when it took the form of gingerbread last winter. It was excellent with the dark chocolate cocoa I had for breakfast. Which probably explains why I’m dieting now.

Pistachio Caramel Cookies & St. Patrick’s Collection

Today, I joined up with some of my best bloggy friends to bring you this super-duper awesome collection of St. Patrick’s Day recipes. It’s radical, as we used to say when Nixon was in office.

Turtle Bars

 Share on TumblrIt’s that season again.  The least wonderful time of the year. Election Season. You know what I really enjoy?  NOT watching the presidential debate.  It’s one of the best things to not watch.  Well, that and college football. I also love not shopping for tires, and not paying late fees at the library, [Read On]

Dulce de Leche Cookies

 Share on Tumblr ***UPDATED!*** This post has been updated.  Please view the new version HERE. A recipe for a soft caramel cookie sandwiched with dulce de leche. Source: Annies Eats, which I found thanks to Pinterest. Yield:  about 18 sandwiches When I saw the photo of these cookies on Pinterest, I knew I would make them. [Read On]