Lemon Thyme Shortbread

This lemon shortbread is perfect for Mothers Day. I added thyme to it because, well, I love thyme. And putting an herb in a cookie is interesting. And moms love that kind of stuff.

Sweet Popcorn Glaze

I’ve made this simple popcorn glaze for many a holiday party. I don’t want you to think it’s just for the holidays, though. It’s also perfect for basically any occasion or get together.

Cherries Jubilee Cookies

Robb loves Cherries Jubilee. He always wants me to make it, but that whole en flambe thing makes me squeamish. Since I wasn’t going to be earning any amazing-wife points, I figured I would go for pretty-good-wife and turn his Cherries Jubilee into cookies.

Brown Butter Pecan Cookies

There’s something about pecans that reminds me of my grandfather, because he man loovvves butter pecan. We always had butter pecan ice cream and pecan sandies at their house.

Brown Butter Breakfast Puffs

As soon as the kitchen is clean, and I do mean AS SOON AS, I feel an overwhelming urge to use everything in it. I can dirty a spotless kitchen in no time flat. Today I came home from running all my errands, took one look at the sparkling clean sink, and decided it was time to bake.

Butter Cookies

Simple butter cookies are the best! This butter cookie recipe makes a perfectly tasty everyday treat.

Almond Toffee

Toffee is probably my favorite of all homemade candies. It’s easy, has a short list of ingredients, and is addictively tasty. My sister-in-law and I make it every year, and put a box of it in the freezer.

Lemon Blackberry Cookies

 Share on TumblrMy day was going so well.  I had a great morning of blogging, the kids did their chores, and I was in pretty good spirits.  Then I got an unexpected phone call that went something like this: Robb: Can you pack a bag for me?  I’m going to Boise. Me: Are you serious? [Read On]

Cinnamon Waffles with Cooked Apple Topping

 Share on TumblrWe probably eat waffles once a week at our house.  They cook quickly, and everyone loves them, and it is easy to create variations with chocolate chips, fruits, spices, and fun syrups.  This week, I kept the waffles simple and made a nice apple topping to give them some life.  It was pretty [Read On]

Butter and Jam Thumbprints

 Share on TumblrA simple butter cookie with jam filling. Source: Food Network Kitchens Yield: about 3 dozen cookies The thumbprint cookie has always seemed like something of a staple of Americana to me.  A butter cookie filled with jam; what could be nicer?  Nevertheless, today was my first time ever making them.  I can’t even [Read On]

Butter or Shortening, part 2: A Science Experiment

 Share on TumblrMy daughter did this experiment for her science fair project, and I decided to steal her work and publish it on my blog. We recently had a chat about how the world is not fair, so I’m sure she will be fine with it! First, she made a batch of chocolate chip cookies [Read On]

Cookie Making Tips #1: Butter or Shortening?

 Share on Tumblr Should you use butter or shortening in your cookies? Here are some things to consider:  Share on Tumblr