Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies

The thing about being married to a picky eater is that I find I get annoyed about it a lot.  You would figure that at some point I would just give up and deal with it, but not me.  I just keep getting annoyed. Robb is super sweet about the whole thing, and he is [Read On]

Friday Favorites #7

My son is growing like a weed.  It’s really tough to keep up with.  This week, he is in desperate need of new shoes, since the last pair I bought him lasted about 3 weeks; new pants, since he went to school twice this week in floods (and not the only-kind-of-too-short kind, but the seriously-dude-you-look-ridiculous-get-some-clothes-that-fit [Read On]

Friday Favorites #6

It’s not Friday, but that’s not stopping me from calling it Friday Favorites anyway.  You never know what kind of craziness you’ll run in to over here.  That’s how I roll.  That’s especially how I roll when it is the first hot weather week of the year, and my air conditioning isn’t running yet.  Don’t [Read On]