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Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies

perfect chocolate chip cookie recipeThe thing about being married to a picky eater is that I find I get annoyed about it a lot.  You would figure that at some point I would just give up and deal with it, but not me.  I just keep getting annoyed.

Robb is super sweet about the whole thing, and he is trying hard to improve, so I have a hard time getting mad at him.  In fact, I find myself bragging to people about how he’s grown.  “He’ll eat broccoli now,” I tell them, and they reply with impressed oohs and aahs.

Another area of personal dietary growth for my husband is nuts.  He was previously opposed to all but peanuts, (obviously, since peanuts aren’t even nuts) and then he discovered cashews.  They’re heavenly, there’s no doubt about it.  He has since successfully ventured into the wonderful world of almonds, and I am currently working on introducing him to my all-time favorite nut:  the walnut.

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