Friday Favorites #4: Best Recipes This Week from Around the Blogosphere

 Share on TumblrEverything has been all about spring and Easter lately.  The recipes are all citrus and eggs and green-colored coconut.  Personally, Easter has put me in the mood for chocolate.  I guess I’m not the only one, because this week I found some truly fantastic recipes made with my very favorite ingredient of all [Read On]

Friday Favorites #3: Best Recipes this week from around the Blogosphere

 Share on TumblrIt is definitely spring, with summer just around the corner.  It has been sunny in my neck of the woods, although not necessarily warm.  It has been enough to make me feel like putting away the soup recipes and bringing out the summer salad recipes.  The other day, I volunteered to take dinner [Read On]

Friday Favorites #2: Best Recipes this week from the Blogosphere

 Share on TumblrI went to one of my favorite home decorating stores the other day, and bought some fun little dishes and napkins, and some gifts for friends.  I wish I had had more time to browse the Easter decorations, because the stuff I saw was dang cute!  I have seen so many cute Easter [Read On]

Friday Favorites #1: The best recipes this week from the blogosphere

 Share on TumblrI’ve decided to start a new tradition.  I hope you like it.  The truth is that I see way more recipes than I could ever make.  Way more. It’s kind of unfortunate, and gives me a little twinge of regret sometimes, but there you go.  I’ll assuage my guilt by sharing the most awesome [Read On]