Chocolate Blackberry Cream Cookies

It is just not that difficult to come up with a reason to purchase berries. I’m never quite sure what to do with them, but it never takes me long to figure it out.

Raspberry Sorbet

Sorbet is crazy simple to make (this one has only 5 ingredients!), and it’s easy to make it really delicious. I added a mint leaf to my dish, and I loved what the mint did for the flavor.

Blackberry Cobbler

You should know that it doesn’t bother me ONE BIT to have cobbler instead of cake. In fact, I bought the biggest Costco-sized box of blackberries I could find, and made this cobbler twice. Once for me, and once for Carla.

Pear Blackberry Salsa

I have created one of the most unusual and unplanned (and, by the way, not that messy) recipes I have ever done. Even the recipe card below will be full of estimates and no measurements whatsoever. And Robb was right, it suited me just fine.

Lemon Blackberry Cookies

 Share on TumblrMy day was going so well.  I had a great morning of blogging, the kids did their chores, and I was in pretty good spirits.  Then I got an unexpected phone call that went something like this: Robb: Can you pack a bag for me?  I’m going to Boise. Me: Are you serious? [Read On]

Lemon Blueberry Cookies

 Share on TumblrA recipe for a soft lemon cookie with blueberries. Source: Hot Polka Dot, although I made one important change. Yield: nearly 4 dozen cookies I really try to avoid Costco.  I deliberately did not renew my membership because the stupid place costs me way too much money.  There are only a few things [Read On]