There’s something weird about the world we live in; well, probably a lot of things, actually, not the least of which is that the meaning of words has changed.  Imagine what the words “cell,” “mobile,” “web,” or “domain” meant a hundred years ago.  It’s a far cry from what they mean today, that’s for sure.

In the blogging world, for example, there are several ways to stay connected with your favorite blogs.  You can just remember it, and type in the url periodically (that’s the hard way), or you could choose other ways to connect.  Just a few options include:

  • Social Media: Choose one or all of your favorites, to see recent updates and also to see some of my favorite stuff from other sources.  You can find me on the following social media outlets:  Facebook,  Pinterest,  Twitter,  Instagram,  Google+,  StumbleUpon, and even Tumblr.  The real problem with following on social media is that you are not exactly guaranteed to see recent posts, and unless you live on social media, you’re likely to miss a few things here and there.  Of course, the upside is that you get to see content that is not on my blog, like behind the scenes photos (on Instagram & Twitter), my thoughts on my photography (on Tumblr), great content from other sites (Pinterest and G+ mostly, Facebook some), and comments and questions about my life and yours (Facebook & Twitter).
  • RSS Feed:  If you don’t know what this is, it’s probably not for you.  Long story short, the RSS feed makes it possible for you to use a separate feed reader to collect all your favorite blogs into one spot, and read them from that reader instead of the actual sites, and that way you never miss a post from anyone.  It’s awesome, it’s free, but if you want to get full posts and print recipes, you’ll probably still have to click through to the actual website.
  • E-mail subscription: I update my site 2-3 times a week with new recipes.  And, 2-3 times a week, you can get an e-mail in your inbox with (almost) the entire post in it.  This way you are the first to know, and again, you never miss a post.  I don’t (at this time) do a separate newsletter, so all e-mails are actual fresh content from the blog.

At least twice a week, someone types the word “register” into the search bar in this site.  It’s one of those words with many meanings.  You can register your car, register to be an organ donor, use a cash register, or register yourself on a list of people in your profession.  I usually think of “registering” for a paid site, but I’m sure it’s not the case with everyone.

If you’re one of those who found this post by typing the word “register” into the search bar, I hope you’ll consider staying connected with me through your favorite social media, and either RSS or e-mail subscriptions.  Here’s how:


Get the RSS feed here:
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Sign up for E-mail subscriptions here:

And last, but not least, if you want to drop me a line, or give a suggestion about another way to connect, feel free to connect via e-mail,  Thanks!