Chunky Taco Dip

Instead of my normal snack food of popcorn with real butter, this night I served chips with taco dip. It's ever so quick and easy to make. And ever so quickly and easily consumed...

Garlic Parmesan Oven Fries

... potatoes. Lovely, buttery, crusted with cheese, golden, garlic potatoes. With sour cream to dip them in...

Fruit Leather

My poor husband.  He is not a morning person AT ALL.  Neither am I, truth be told, but I can make myself get up and smile and get feeling pretty good by 7:00 am most days. He can’t.   Remember when you were a kid and your mom got you up in t..


The dog may have licked my oat chocolate chip muffin. He probably just sniffed it though. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.  Because no one wants to eat a muffin that’s been licked by a dog, but a muffin that’s been s..

Chocolate Yogurt Granola Bars

Under normal circumstances, I try to limit the amount of baking chips I purchase.  But, let’s be honest, you can’t expect a girl to just never buy chocolate chips, can you? I found a clearance basket at my local grocery store that was fu..

Chunky Homemade Applesauce

The thing that has probably given me the most confidence in the kitchen has been understanding that food does not have to be complicated.  Fresh foods prepared simply are generally the best tasting.  This is why there is no comparison between, say,..

Lime Thyme Mocktail

Most of the time, I’m completely fine with my decision to be a non-drinker.  But, it does present it’s awkward moments. Case in point, the time some new friends from out-of-town asked me for a restaurant recommendation.  They wanted som..

Biscoff Granola Bars guest post

It’s the middle of the month, and I am already over budget on the groceries.  I can’t help myself.  Sometimes I see something fabulous like mini-bell peppers or blood orange Chobani greek yogurt, or heaven help me, Biscoff spread, and I..

Lime Cream Cheese Wontons

In the twelve years we have lived in our home, we have had some strange experiences with pesky animals.  The worst, for me, are the mice.  Because I’m a mouseophobe.  Or rodentophobe.  Wait, I’m not afraid of hamsters or squirrels.  ..

Mango Salsa

I absolutely love this combination of mango and avocado. The jalapeno gives it a little bite, and the lime juice sweetens everything just a touch. It's the perfect summer snack!..