Roasted Red Pepper Hot Cheese Dip


This week, I figured it was about time for me to put a bunch of cheese together and get it all warm and melty and eat it with Wheat Thins. It was a brilliant and tasty idea...

Sparkling Peach Limeade


When I have peaches, I have an overwhelming urge to do something with them, besides eat them plain. I want to make all my foods peach-flavored. Fresh peaches for the win!..

Cilantro Lime Jalapeno Lemonade


Jen gave me lemons (and rules) so I’m making cilantro lime jalapeno lemonade...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Muddy Buddies


I can tell you one thing, I was not not NOT going to use the oven. Or the stove. I was even apprehensive about using the air popper to make popcorn. So, we ate muddy buddies. Hooray!..

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bark


I like the idea of this cookie bark. Since there's no eggs and no leavening agent, they are flat and crispy, making them easy to transport to whatever crazy activity might come up...