S’mores Toffee


S'mores toffee doesn't have to be better than actual s'mores, or even better than toffee, just different. Because life is in the variety...

Easy Valentine Suckers


I'm not normally a big fan of candy making, but these just about changed my mind. They were pretty darn easy...

Black and White Bark


This dark chocolate bark recipe includes white chocolate, too.  It’s sure to be one of your favorite chocolate bark recipes! I was doing so good today.  Drinking my smoothie for breakfast, eating my veggies for lunch. And suddenly, I was crav..

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles


Cream cheese is one of my favorite things ever. I've never made a recipe with cream cheese that I didn't like. Even things I don't like taste better with cream cheese. ..

Almond Joy Fudge


I'm sure there are plenty of fun and fancy ways to add coconut and almonds to fudge. But seriously, I was having one of those what-can-I-throw-together-in-5-minutes kind of days. And it worked out perfectly!..