S’mores Toffee


S'mores toffee doesn't have to be better than actual s'mores, or even better than toffee, just different. Because life is in the variety...

Marbled Lime Cheesecake Bars


One of my favorite things about cheesecake bars is that you can leave the pan in the fridge. Then, whenever you want a little bite of something sweet, there's a perfect bite just waiting for you...

Popcorn Krispie Treats


I have never been a huge fan of plain krispie treats. They're just so... boring. My favorite thing to mix into krispie treats, honestly, is popcorn...

Red Velvet Trifle


The Fruitarian was beside himself with joy when he saw this trifle. "I do get to eat this, right, Mom?"..

Easy Valentine Suckers


I'm not normally a big fan of candy making, but these just about changed my mind. They were pretty darn easy...