Almond Buttermilk Cake

almond cake

The book says it's called a visiting cake because you can see your neighbors coming up the road, and throw this cake together before they get to the front door. It's just about right, too. This thing was easy like Sunday morning...

Brown Sugar Cake with Salted Caramel Dip

brown sugar recipe

When I informed Robb of an upcoming dinner get-together, and asked what I should make for dessert, cake and dip was his idea. Changing the chocolate dip to caramel dip was his idea, too. Changing the white cake to brown sugar cake was my idea, thou..

Coconut Lime Poke Cake

coconut lime poke cake featured

Then I remembered the time I made Coconut Lime Sugar Cookies and decided I needed that flavor combination in my life again. So it really could not be a lime poke cake. It HAD to be a Coconut Lime Poke Cake. It was the only choice...

Vanilla Cupcakes

white cake recipe

I actually love this recipe, because it's super easy. You start with a boxed white cake mix, and then you improve on it by adding your own concoction of creamy milk fats...

9 Minute Chocolate Microwave Cake

chocolate cake recipe

This chocolate cake recipe is fast, easy, and made in the microwave. Who knew microwave cake could be so delicious?..