Glazed Muffin Bites

muffin bites featured

All that changed when I found myself in possession of a brand new cake pop maker, courtesy of an awesome friend who has known me since the dawn of time. ..

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Turnovers

pumpkin cc turnovers featured

Remember when, in another recent pumpkin post, I told a story about my nephew trying to decide whether or not he should be a dog?  This one little story has spawned a myriad of conversations in my life. My mother tells me that it is a very real thin..

Breakfast Bars with Plum Filling

breakfast bars featured

The charter school my kids go to has many fine qualities, but NOT among them is close proximity to my house.  In fact, the school is a good 8 miles away. So we carpool. Which can be boring.  I would never admit this out loud, though, especially not..

Chunky Homemade Applesauce

Applesauce featured

The thing that has probably given me the most confidence in the kitchen has been understanding that food does not have to be complicated.  Fresh foods prepared simply are generally the best tasting.  This is why there is no comparison between, say,..

Vanilla Coconut Granola

Vanilla Coconut Granola featured

Every year we take this ridiculous camping trip. Well, it must not be that ridiculous, because we love it enough to do it every year.  It’s mostly ridiculous because it takes us more than 9 hours to drive there (one way!), a drive that normall..