Lemon Pancakes with Lemon Syrup

lemon syrup

Pancakes are such a fantastic dinner choice. There's no chicken or bacon or cheese to make the dog crazy, and the kids love having pancakes. The adults are mostly focused on the lemon syrup...

Chocolate Buttermilk Muffins


The cash diet forced me to part with my beloved chocolate muffins, but I figured there was no reason on earth I couldn't recreate them with ingredients I already had on hand at home. Happy Dessert-Breakfast to me...

Coconut White Chocolate Buttermilk Scones


Scones are one of my favorite breakfast foods. This scone recipe uses coconut, white chocolate, and buttermilk...

Pumpkin Chip Oat Muffins

Pumpkin Chip Oat Muffins featured

I made these pumpkin muffins for breakfast on Christmas Day. Robb took a bite, and promptly gave me a thumbs-up. That's code for, "Make these again."..

Banana Pomegranate Oat Muffins

banana pomegranate muffins featured

When I looked at this gorgeous bowl of pomegranate arils, I just knew I had to make banana pomegranate muffins, and I couldn't wait 4-5 days for the bananas to ripen. SO... I didn't. I just took a couple fresh, almost green bananas, and diced them..