May 2015 Wrap-Up


So yeah, it’s June 4 and I’ve just realized that I never put together my month-end wrap-up for May. If that tells you anything about my life. It appears I am vastly more protective of my down time than I imagined I would be. I’m pre..

April 2015 Wrap-Up

Christmas Cookie Cutters

April was a blur. Seriously. Some exciting changes in my personal life have forced my blog into the second-string position...

March 2015 Wrap-Up


March cruised by, just like every month. Here in Salt Lake the exceptionally warm weather this year has me ready for spring even earlier than usual, and I've been dreaming of lemon bars and Easter treats...

February Wrap-Up


The warm weather keeps tricking me into thinking it's March instead of February. I actually sent a friend a Happy Birthday text message A MONTH EARLY the other day. ..

January Wrap-Up


Oh how I love January. I actually think New Years might be my new favorite holiday. I just love that feeling of renewal and starting again...

December 2014 Wrap-Up


And just like that, 2014 was over. I can't believe how fast December went. The whole year is kind of a blur, to tell you the truth...

Top Posts of 2014


This is the time of year where I reflect back on what has happened during the past year. In this post I will share the top ten reader favorites and the top ten family favorites of 2014...

November 2014 Wrap-Up


November started with Cookie Week, which gave me a good excuse to share three holiday cookie ideas with you, and it ended with one of my favorite appetizers of all time... stuffed mushrooms. All in all, I would call that a good month...

October 2014 Wrap-Up


While I'm dreading scraping snow off my car and wearing gloves and putting extra blankets on the beds, I'm looking forward to baking up some lovely holiday inspired treats for you...

September Wrap-Up


September might be my favorite month. I love when summer lingers, reluctant to transform into fall. And, I'm not going to lie, I do enjoy the routine and the hopefulness that comes with the beginning of the school year...