February 2014 Wrap-Up

February baked good are SO fun. Between the Valentines Day desserts, and the game watching snacks, February is just plain fun.

Pork and Hummus Flatbread Bites

I’m pretty sure I was dreaming of artichoke and spinach pizza when I dreamed up these fun little flatbread rounds. I think they would be an excellent appetizer, or even a pizza-ish meal if you put a couple of them together.

Soft Pretzels

Within 5 minutes, all but one of those 16 pretzels were gone. Not a crumb remained. It was seriously like those African ants that march through the town and eat everything in sight.

Rainbow Cake in a Jar

Your St. Patricks / Birthday / Rainbow party is going to be such a huge success with these cute jar cakes in your party plan!

Coconut Fudge Cookie Bars

When you’re just the tiniest bit uncomfortable with the latest situation life threw at you, it helps to have something constant to comfort you. Something you recognize. Something that’s exactly what you expect.

Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Scones

I have a strong belief that there is no discomfort which cannot be softened by baked goods made with buttermilk and chocolate chips.

Peppermint Bark Brownies

Peppermint and I have some things in common, namely, that we are both close personal friends with chocolate, and we’re both tired of cherries and strawberries monopolizing the Valentines Day dessert scene.

Red Velvet Sandwich Heart Cookies

I already know this Valentines Day is going to be a good one, because I get to celebrate it with my blog buds! We’re back!

Strawberry Oreo Pudding Cookies

Pudding cookies are so awesome. They’re all soft and chewy and flavorful. And when you use strawberry pudding in the cookies, it makes them pink. Which is just darn cute.

January Wrap-Up

January is all full of hope and goals and resolutions. They might all fall apart in February, but at least we have January, my friends. At least we have January.

Sweet & Tangy Meatball Dip

I love having meatballs as game day food. They’re small enough to be a snack, but unlike the chips and cookies and breads we usually have, meatballs make you feel like you’ve eaten real food instead of just junk food.

Red Velvet Cake Batter Dip

My latest obsession is cake batter dip. Lawd have mercy, I can’t stop myself. The kids LOVE when I make this stuff. LOVE it. They basically fight over it, and I have to threaten them to get them to share.

Dark Chocolate Cheesecake Bars

Today the sun came out, I woke up in a good mood, and it was time to bake something fun… just for fun. I found some cream cheese in the fridge just begging to be baked with, and I figured my chocolate cake would taste amazing with a little cheesecake on top.

Cheesy Garlic Bread Sticks

This is the part where I tell you about my absolute favorite way to make garlic bread sticks. I love it because it gives you an easy way to create single servings that are just the right size, and also, the texture is perfect, just the way I like it!

Key Lime Sugar Cookie Bars

Someday I’m going to come up with a fantastic Key Lime Pie recipe. In the meantime, I really want that sweet lime flavor in a cookie.