Sparkling Blackberry Limeade

This limeade recipe includes blackberries.  A sparkling blackberry limeade recipe that is so refreshing for summer!

sparkling-blackberry-limeade (4 of 6)You know how much I love blackberries, right?  If there was any question, you can see a few more blackberry recipes here.

The idea of adding blackberry to my limeade just seemed perfect.

I prefer limeade over lemonade, personally.  I actually asked my readers about it.  You can weigh in, too, if you want.

I recently learned that my sister, at her new house, has blackberry bushes that are taking over the yard. Robb and I are super jealous.  He’s been wanting to plant blackberries, since they are our favorite berry by far.  Then we can freeze them and have them all year, in smoothies, and cobblers, and drinks like this one.

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I’m one of these people that thinks you can always make things just a little bit better.  Robb, who hates veggies and won’t let a piece of lettuce anywhere near his face, gets mad at me for this stuff.  I’m always wanting to add onions or garlic or some kind of sauce to his food, and he is always begging me to remove things from the recipes.

He never complains when I add blackberries to the limeade though.  Go figure.


Since these are made as individual servings, you can make each glass with more or less berries, or leave them out altogether if you want.

sparkling-blackberry-limeade (6 of 6)

I don’t know why you would leave them out, though. Blackberries are one of the best reasons for living!


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Sparkling Blackberry Limeade
A simple limeade with fresh blackberries.
Recipe type: Beverages
  • 1 can frozen limeade concentrate, thawed in the refrigerator
  • 2 quarts lemon lime soda (or more)
  • fresh blackberries
  1. For each glass, place 2-3 berries in a small dish and smash them with a fork. (Be careful! This can be a little messy.) I used 2 berries for an 8 oz. glass, and 3 berries for a 12 oz. glass. Place the smashed berries in an empty glass.
  2. Put limeade concentrate in a pitcher, and fill to 2 quarts with lemon lime soda. Lightly stir if necessary.
  3. Pour limeade into glasses.
* For a less sweet drink, use diet soda.
** If you don't mind a slightly weaker flavor, fill 2 or 3 glasses, then fill up the pitcher with more lemon lime soda.


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