January Wrap-Up

Jan-wrap-up-1Oh how I love January.  I actually think New Years might be my new favorite holiday.  I just love that feeling of renewal and starting again.

It’s been a quiet month here at Jen’s Favorite Cookies.  Never fear, however, I’ve been spending the time working on some behind-the-scenes projects.

My favorite recipe this month?  It’s a toss up, actually.  I loved the Hummingbird Cake.  That is some good stuff.  The Lizard couldn’t stop talking about it.  I have a feeling I’ll be making it again on his birthday.  But… that being said, I think the Oatmeal Cut Out Cookies were actually my favorite.

Coincidentally, they were the Cookie of the Month, the first one of the year!  They are just simple, crunchy, and I love that light layer of icing on top.  But more on that later.  Right now, let’s remember all the January recipes.


apples-1 (1 of 1) Looking Forward

I set down a few simple goals for 2015 in this post.  Goals for
blogging, yes, but mostly goals for life.  Because everyone needs
life goals.

oatmeal-cutout-cookies (1 of 1)-5 Oatmeal Cut Out Cookies

My very first Cookie of the Month!!  I’m so excited about this
new feature, and sharing some fun and awesome cookies with
you every month.  This one is crunchy, simple, and really
really delicious.

fruit-nut-granola (4 of 1) Fruit and Nut Granola

I just love granola.  It’s one of my very favorite breakfast foods.
This one is packed with nuts and dried fruits, to give you plenty
of energy for your day.

hummingbird-cake (2 of 5) Hummingbird Cake

This cake was very popular at my house!  The combination
of bananas, pineapple, and nuts made for a very flavorful and
moist cake, while the cream cheese frosting added a very
decadent finish to the whole thing!

english-muffins (2 of 3) English Muffins

Now that I’ve had them homemade, I’m not sure I can ever go
back to store bought.  These are lovely when toasted, with some
butter.  They also make a fantastic bun for a breakfast sandwich!

bakla-bread-6 Baklava Bread

My sister’s contribution for this month is this sweet bread.  It’s
got a sweet and nutty filling and a honey syrup drizzle on top.
I’m not going to lie, I’ve been drooling over it for days!

And I get to announce the winners of my very first Cookie of the Month!

These winners are chose from those who made this months cookie, took a picture of it, and either e-mailed it to me, dropped it on my Facebook page, or tagged me on Instagram.  This month, there are two winners and two prizes!

Left: Angie S.  Right: Shelly S.

Left: Angie S. Right: Shelly S.

The first prize is a selection of silicone baking mats from Kitchen Executive Chef.  These mats are extra thick, high quality, non-stick, and makes clean up a breeze.  The winner of these mats is Angie S!  Congratulations Angie!

The second prize is a $25 gift card to Amazon.  This prize goes to Shelley S!  Congratulations Shelley!

Don’t miss out on the fun.  February’s Cookie of the Month will be announced on Monday February 2, 2015.  In the meantime, get loads of great cookie recipe ideas on my Pinterest board!

2 thoughts on “January Wrap-Up

  1. Angie S

    I’m so excited!! I never usually win either. Thank you for such a great site with awesome recipes my family devours.


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