Christmas Morning Punch

This drink makes a great Christmas carol punch!  Christmas recipes for easy punch are fun and delicious.

Christmas Morning Punch from - you'll love this quick and easy fruity punch for the holidays!I had planned to share some cookies with you today.  And not just any cookies… totally adorable seasonal Christmas cookies.

And then my oven died.

Fortunately, my stove still works, so we don’t have to eat microwaved food all week, but still.  It’s the week of Christmas and I don’t have a working oven.

It’s beyond irritating.

My dough is all mixed up and ready to go, too.  I guess I’ll be doing some baking at Grandma’s house today.  You might get Christmas cookies on Christmas Day, for all the good that will do you.

In the meantime, I’m sharing this awesome Christmas Morning Punch.  And yes, I will be drinking this on Christmas morning.  And Christmas Eve morning.  And the day before that.  And the day before that.

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Christmas Morning Punch from - you'll love this quick and easy fruity punch for the holidays!

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In fact, I’m drinking it as I write this.  I’m sort of addicted to the stuff, to tell you the truth.

I debated about calling it Christmas Morning Punch, because, quite frankly, it’s perfect for any day of the year.  I’ll be tempted to pull this stuff out in July.

I’m trying to make this a new holiday tradition, though, so I’ll have to come up with something different for the summer.

(Remember my other traditional holiday beverage?)

Christmas Morning Punch from - you'll love this quick and easy fruity punch for the holidays! Christmas Morning Punch from - you'll love this quick and easy fruity punch for the holidays!

The nice thing about this punch is how easy it is to mix up.  You could even mix everything but the ginger ale the night before, and just throw in some ginger ale right when you’re serving it.

It goes great with an overnight breakfast casserole or some muffins.

And it’s perfect with gifts!

Christmas Morning Punch

An easy fruity punch.
Servings: 6 cups


  • 2 cups orange juice
  • 2 cups cranberry juice
  • 1 cup pineapple juice
  • 1 cup ginger ale


  • Mix all ingredients in a pitcher. Serve cold.


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32 thoughts on “Christmas Morning Punch

  1. Suzanne

    Sounds wonderful, can’t wait to try. It was a bit frustrating getting to the recipe, way to many ads!! They were popping up when I was writing to comment.

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    1. Jen Post author

      I do that all the time! Just mix the juices in a pitcher, and only add the ginger ale right before serving, so it doesn’t go flat.

    1. Carla

      I’m wondering the same thing…except using champagne. I’d like to have the champagne on the side for guests to add themselves.

      1. Jen Post author

        That’s a great idea Carla! You could mix just the juices in a pitcher, then offer champagne, ginger ale, or anything else you like to mix with it.

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  5. MaryBeth

    5 stars
    Just thought I’d let you know I made this substituting champagne for the ginger ale for Christmas brunch and it was a huge hit. My 9 year granddaughter asked if she could have some — so she got the ginger ale, haha. She was delighted with her “kid’s champagne”. Thanks for a great recipe.

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    1. Jen Post author

      I’m sure it would be fine in the fridge for several days, although I usually mix it up when I’m ready to drink it, or sometimes the night before.


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