Chocolate Peppermint Crinkles

These crinkle cookies chocolate and peppermint are perfect for Christmas or other holidays!  If you enjoy crinkle cookies, chocolate and peppermint are the perfect combination!

Welcome to the last day of Cookie Week, hosted by Kim of Cravings of a Lunatic and Susan of The Girl In the Little Red Kitchen

Chocolate Peppermint Crinkles from for #cookieweek When I was a kid, my very first job was at a malt shop.  It was super glamorous, taking orders, making change, and mixing milkshakes.

Occasionally, I would mix up one of those shakes for myself.  Usually, it was a peppermint shake.

What is it about peppermint that holds such fascination with me?  I can’t even describe it.  Later, when I was in college, a college which was known for it’s agricultural program and dairy products, I would wait every year with baited breath for November, when the peppermint ice cream would suddenly appear in the school dairy.

I still have a weakness for that particular brand of peppermint ice cream, and I haven’t eaten it in years.

Also?  Hot fudge.  Peppermint ice cream just begs for hot fudge.

Okay, I’ll confess.  These cookies are not really much like peppermint ice cream with hot fudge, but they are a really lovely combination of chocolate and peppermint.

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Chocolate Peppermint Crinkles from for #cookieweek

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If there is a drawback to this cookie, it is that you have to chill the dough.  It needs a good 4 hours or so before it’s ready to bake, and for the impatient among us (read: ME) that can be tough.

Did you ever notice how many cookies on this site require dough chilling?  Not very many.  See?  Impatient.


Supplies I used for this recipe:

Baking sheet
Silicone baking mat
Kitchen Aid mixer
Measuring cups & spoons
A cookie scoop
Plastic wrap
A bowl for rolling in powdered sugar

Chocolate Peppermint Crinkles from for #cookieweek As cookie week draws to a close, let’s check out what fun cookies my friends have made for this final day!


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Chocolate Peppermint Crinkles
Cook time
Total time
A chocolate peppermint cookie rolled in powdered sugar.
Recipe type: Cookies
Serves: 3 dozen
  • ½ cup vegetable oil
  • 4 oz. unsweetened chocolate
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon peppermint extract
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 2 cups flour
  • about ¾ cup powdered sugar, for rolling
  1. Roughly chop the chocolate. Place in a microwave safe dish, and microwave in 30-second intervals, stirring between each, until melted.
  2. Place oil, melted chocolate, and sugar in mixing bowl, and mix well. Add eggs, vanilla, and peppermint, and mix well.
  3. Add salt, baking powder, and flour, and mix just until combined.
  4. Wrap dough tightly in plastic and chill for 4 hours or more.
  5. Place powdered sugar in a bowl. Scoop 1-inch balls and roll in powdered sugar. Place on a baking sheet, and bake at 350F for 9-12 minutes. Let sit on the baking sheet for 1-2 minutes before removing to a cooling rack.


5 thoughts on “Chocolate Peppermint Crinkles

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  4. Stacy

    I have a thing for mint too, Jen. In Texas we have Blue Bell ice cream and you can only get the peppermint (chocolate mint – my younger daughter’s favorite is available year round.) during the holidays. I have been known to crush peppermints and stir them through vanilla ice cream when desperate. Next time I’ll just try your cookies.

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