Oreo Popcorn

Oreo Popcorn recipe;  This white chocolate popcorn has chunks of Oreo cookies in it.  Simple and delicious popcorn recipe.

popcorn-recipeEven with the 100-ish cookie recipes on this site, good old-fashioned packaged Oreos are still Robb’s favorite.

He has rules for his Oreos, too.  No double stuffed, no flavored, and certainly no Golden Oreos.  The only acceptable variety is the plain, regular, original kind.

I don’t really blame him, Oreos are fantastic, although we differ on the details.  I think the different flavors are all wonderful, (variety is the spice of life, and all that) although I kind of agree about the Golden Oreos.  I can’t bring myself to spend money on them.

No matter.  I can compromise with the best of them.  I bought a package of plain original Oreos, and used half the package on this yummy Oreo White Chocolate Popcorn, and left the other half of the package for Robb to eat plain.

It’s a win-win.

Oreo Popcorn from @JenSto2t Jen's Favorite Cookies

The Hippie Chick absolutely adores white chocolate, especially when it’s mixed with Oreos.  She actually prefers white chocolate to regular chocolate, leading me to believe she was switched at birth.

Although, to be fair, I had a hard time keeping my hands out of this popcorn, too.  I really have a weakness for white chocolate popcorn.

You know what else?  Those pretzels covered in white chocolate.  Lawd have mercy, that stuff is like crack.

Oreo Popcorn from @JenSto2t Jen's Favorite Cookies

Let me dive in here with some details.  First, for a recipe like this, I really prefer the almond bark or candy melts.  They melt nicely, and set up well with a few minutes in the fridge.  White chocolate chips get all wonky and gross when you melt them, so please don’t use that.  Regular old white chocolate like this stuff is fine, too, although in my experience the candy coating sets up a little better.

And about the popcorn… I used an air popper {I’m sort of racist against microwave popcorn.} but use whatever method you prefer.  You’ll probably be happiest with the plain white unflavored variety, but if you happen to have only buttered microwave popcorn in your pantry, don’t let that stop you.  I used 1/2 cup of unpopped kernels, and I’m guessing here, but I think that’s pretty close to two regular microwave bags.

I used about a sleeve and a half of the regular Oreos, but next time I’m totally trying this with Mint Oreos.

Robb can just suffer.

white chocolate popcornParty Popcorn chocolate mintMint Popcorn Bark pudding cookiesOreo Pudding Cookies

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Oreo Popcorn
Popcorn and oreo cookies coated in white chocolate.
Recipe type: Snacks
Serves: 6 cups
  • ½ cup unpopped popcorn
  • 10 oz. white chocolate candy coating (almond bark)
  • 15-18 Oreo cookies, roughly chopped
  1. Pop popcorn. Remove any unpopped kernels and place popcorn in a large bowl.
  2. Add chopped cookies to the popcorn.
  3. Melt white chocolate in a microwave safe dish in the microwave, in 30 second intervals, stirring between each.
  4. Pour melted white chocolate over popcorn. Toss to coat.
  5. Chill for 10-20 minutes, until set.

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white chocolate popcorn recipe

10 thoughts on “Oreo Popcorn

  1. Laryssa

    Sounds amazing, though I have to put in a plug for the
    Golden Oreos with the chocolate centers. They are so amazing in milk- rich, buttery and chocolaty!!

  2. Stacy

    This looks fabulous, Jen! I am such a fan of popcorn but I never think to dress it up. You have a gift for that, it seems. 🙂

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  4. Marilyn P

    I made this to give to the adults. I threw in some M&M’s. I also made some with dark chocolate and peanuts. There was some leftover so I ate it and it was so good!

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  6. G Dawg

    Yo this recipe is straight wack tasty. You feelin me? Put this snack flat out in front of yo guests and watch them scramble for seconds. PCE

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  8. James

    You should probably mention that you will need to reduce microwave power to 50% or risk burning it. Even in 30 second intervals.
    Source: the burned pile of white chocolate in my microwave.

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