Strawberry Lemonade Cookies

Recipe for lemon cookies with strawberry frosting;  These strawberry lemonade cookies are easy to make with fresh strawberries!  Cake mix lemon cookies and easy fresh strawberry frosting.

lemon cookiesI’ve been noticing lately how many of my stories begin with the phrase, “So I went to Costco….”

So, I went to Costco and came home with a giant box of strawberries.  Gorgeous, sweet, juicy strawberries.  I wanted nothing more than to bake with them.

Only, baking with strawberries is a total disaster.  TOTAL.  They have such a high water content, they completely change the chemistry of anything you might want to make strawberry-flavored.

Don’t believe me?  Check for yourself.  Google “strawberry cookies” and notice that they are all made with strawberry cake mix, or freeze dried berries, or even strawberry milk mix.  Which actually doesn’t sound bad, but it doesn’t help me use up the 4 pounds of fresh berries in my fridge either.

I ate a few plain berries with this Key Lime Fruit Dip while I thought about it.

lemon cookies

My second idea was to make strawberry frosting.  I went all out and spent a half hour on a batch of Strawberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream.  Either I am really bad at Swiss meringue buttercream, or it is fussier than I was led to believe.

Probably both.

True story: after my meringue frosting disaster, I dropped onto my bed in frustration, only to have my husband point out (quite animatedly and repeatedly, actually) that I had frosting all over my face.

No, I did not go into a homicidal rage.  But I did contemplate it.

strawberry lemonade

In the end, the frosting was far easier than I expected it to be.  However, I did learn one very important trick.

The trick is to create a puree ahead of time, that has been reduced.  This concentrates the strawberry flavor, and reduces the water content.  Let it cool, and you’ll have no trouble at all mixing it with butter and powdered sugar to make one tasty fresh berry buttercream.

Which is perfect, because the cookies were crazy easy, too.  Summery, easy, and delicious… it’s the trifecta of perfect cookies!



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Strawberry Lemonade Cookies
Cook time
Total time
A soft lemon cookie with fresh strawberry frosting.
Recipe type: Cookies
Serves: 1.5 dozen
  • 1 box lemon cake mix
  • ½ cup shortening
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 T. butter, softened
  • 3 T. strawberry puree *(see notes)
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  1. Mix all ingredients until well combined. Drop small spoonfuls onto a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 9-10 minutes.
  1. Combine all ingredients, and mix until smooth and soft.
  2. Frost the bottom side of one cooled cookie, and sandwich it with a second cookie of a similar size.
To make strawberry puree, dice several berries (about 5-6) and place in a saucepan with 1-2 tsp. water. Bring to a boil, and use a fork or potato masher to mash berries. Continue cooking until puree is reduced by about half. Let puree cool completely before using.


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23 thoughts on “Strawberry Lemonade Cookies

  1. Anita at Hungry Couple

    Mmm…lemon and strawberries together sounds great and these are too cute. When I have a giant Costco batch of strawberries I tend to puree them and keep the sauce in the fridge. It’s great in smoothies, over ice cream or yogurt and lots of other things.

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  5. Donna Woods

    I’ve just adopted a member of our Armed Forces. I will use lots of cookie and cake recipes. I can’t send chocolate between May and September but with your site, that won’t be a problem at all. Excited!!

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  7. Stacy

    Costco is a dangerous place! Our family of four was never really big enough for most of their package sizes but that didn’t stop me from occasionally indulging. Now that the girls are off at school, I try very hard to stay out of there when I am home in the States. But, somehow, it always sucks me in. 🙂 Your cookies are beautiful! I love the lemony yellow with the pretty pink center.

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  10. Michelle

    This recipe looks so yummy. I found the frosting to be more of a glaze…hopefully putting it in the fridge will help.

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  12. SidzWoman

    I’m going to try & make these cookies tomorrow night. I’m a lemon fanatic, so it’s a year-round staple for me! I only have a box of yellow cake mix, so I’m going to remove a cup or so of the cake mix & replace it with lemon-flavored Jell-O Pudding & see how they turn out. I think it should be ok since there is no milk in the recipe. I’m thinking of using a cup of the pudding powder and a cup of lemon Jell-O gelatin powder since the gelatin would have more of a lemon flavor, but I don’t want to get over-zealous & end up ruining the cookies. I already have all of the other ingredients in my pantry & cupboards, but no strawberries. Since I’m EXTREMELY low on cash, I’m gonna try a shortcut & use some strawberry jam that I have as a substitute for the strawberry puree. Cross your fingers!

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  15. Simona

    My frosting turned out more like very sweet jam. It was tasty but not quite right. I had to rename the cookies, “Sloppy Joe” cookies! Any tips?


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