Girls Night Out

I know it seems like I’m all about clogging your arteries and widening your butt, but I want you to be healthy, too.  I truly do.

Here are some healthy things I’m really into:

Green Smoothies.  Seriously.  It’s my favorite breakfast.
Not getting cancer.  Because cancer sucks.
Looking better in your 40-something clothes than your teenagers look in their teen-something clothes.
Seeing.  I have excellent vision, and I intend to stay that way.

Of course, there are healthy habits I’m not that interested in, too:

Running.  It’s far too cliche and far to hard on the knees.
Eating salads every single day.  I like a good salad, but every day?  Really?
Being vegetarian.  Nothing against the vegetarians out there, but this is totally not for me.

That being said, I think I’ll attend this U of U Healthcare conference for women.  If you’re in the greater Salt Lake area, and you’re interested in being healthy and having an excuse to spend a Thursday night with your moms, sisters, and besties, this conference is for you.  All the info can be found on this personal invitation:

Girls Night Out

You can also find more info at their website.

Some highlights of this event, that I am personally looking forward to:

Cooking demonstrations, naturally.  With samples.
Eye Screenings by Moran Eye Center.
Guest speaker, Mary Nickels.  She’s pretty cool.
Self-Defense Demonstrations.  I’m a big fan of martial arts.  Ask me about it sometime.
Free gifts, hors d’oeuvres, and prize drawings.  Who doesn’t love free stuff?
Find out important cancer screening tests.

Honestly, the cancer screening stuff is totally life saving.  My own mother probably prolonged her life and reduced her stress substantially by having some testing and screening done.  They were able to detect breast cancer while it was still in stage 1, which is super rare and hard to do.  She pressed all her children hard to get their own genetic testing done, so that we too could live long and healthy lives.

So, all my Utah friends, I hope to see you at the U of U Healthcare Girls Night Out on February 21.

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