Eggnog Bars

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eggnog cheesecakeIt’s a winter wonderland here today.

Two days ago, it was 65 degrees and sunny, then the wind started blowing (hard!) and it began snowing.  It snowed for a day and a half, solid.

I am neither joking nor exaggerating when I tell you that this weather is completely normal for Utah.  I’m pretty sure Utah is bi-polar.  Can we get the state of Utah some prescription drugs, people?  Please?

I will tell you that when I look out the window and watch it snow and snow, I really feel like baking.  I want to reach for molasses and butter and cinnamon and cream.

And Diet Coke.  Just being honest, here.

eggnog bars

I bought my first jug of eggnog today, too.  Robb really prefers the thinner, homemade variety, but alas, my blender is broken.  And, let’s just say, the next blender I’m planning to own is the type you save up for.  

My family always mixes eggnog with pop.  I personally prefer a little Shasta Black Cherry in my eggnog.  Nothing transports me to the Christmas Eve’s of my childhood faster.

Unfortunately, when I bought the eggnog, I forgot to buy the black cherry, so I’m baking with eggnog instead.

It IS a fantastic idea, isn’t it?

eggnog bars

I will confess that I was inspired by these Eggnog Bars on Eat Me Delicious.  I made some substantial changes to her recipe, though.

Then I hoped and prayed it would turn out, and I took a quick stroll around the neighborhood and snapped some winter photos while it baked.

I love summer and all, but I’m really glad there’s a time of year for eggnog.

Incidentally, I used this Gingerbread recipe to make some cookies, baked them a little extra long, then put them in the food processor and made crumbs.  This is what I used for my crust.  You’re totally welcome to buy a bag of gingersnaps and process those.  I’m sure it will be very similar.

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Eggnog Bars
Cook time
Total time
A creamy eggnog bar with gingerbread crumb crust.
Category: Bars
Yield: 24
  • 2 cups gingerbread crumbs
  • ½ cup butter
  • 8 oz. cream cheese, softened
  • ½ cup eggnog (not homemade)
  • 1 T. flour
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 egg + 1 egg yolk
  • 1 tsp. rum extract
  • ½ tsp. nutmeg
  1. Combine gingerbread crumbs with butter, and mix until all crumbs are moist. Press into the bottom of a 9x13 pan. Bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, combine cream cheese, eggnog, flour, and sugar. Add egg and yolk, and mix well. Add extract and nutmeg, and mix to incorporate.
  3. Pour eggnog mixture over baked crust and return to oven. Bake an additional 25 minutes, until center is set and not loose when jiggled.
  4. Allow to cool, and cut into 12 large or 24 small bars.
You can process gingersnaps to make crumbs, or make your own. I used the "Gingerbread Men" recipe from this blog to make cookies, and baked them a couple minutes longer than usual to be sure they were hard and dry. I then used a food processor to turn them into crumbs, and used that for my crust.

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  1. We mixed our eggnog with cherry 7-up. My husband thinks its totally weird and gross. I think it is the essence of Christmas Eve. Is mixing egg nog with soda a Roper thing?

  2. It is so true. One day I woke up and there was snow everywhere and then the next day it was sunny. I love my eggnog with Sprite, but I’ll have to try the black cherry Shasta next time. Your bars look fabulous.

  3. WOW – I love these, they look and sound so good. Egg-Nog is now added to my “must buy” list for food shopping this week or so!

  4. Oooh, these sound fabulous! I am not a fan of store-bought eggnog but as soon as our homemade is done – these bars need to happen in my kitchen. Delish!

  5. I have never heard of mixing egg nog and pop!!! I’m so intrigued, I HAVE to try this!! I do love these brownies though. Sounds like the perfect thing to bake on a snowy day!

  6. Gosh, I remember Shasta Black Cherry! I used to love the stuff, but it’s been years. Never thought of adding it to eggnog, though. I prefer something a bit stronger. 😉 Anyway, eggnog bars are new to me. Great idea! You’ve inspired me! Thanks for this.

  7. I’ve never heard of mixing eggnog with pop (and thank you for saying pop!). That actually sounds…weird. Very weird haha we usually just drink a glass straight up or I bake with it. They now make this sugar cookie eggnog that is addicting (assuming the person likes eggnog of course). I’m pinning these since I never seem to know what to bake with my eggnog.

  8. Gosh I need to make these…ASAP!! LOVE egg-nop and anything nutmeg!

  9. These are amazing!! New Holiday fave!

  10. Hi,
    I thought the eggnog bars are going to take ages for me to try, but the recipe is way too simple… i tried, it came out a little hard than the usual… maybe next time i’ll perfect 😀

  11. This looks great. I must try immediately. Try cranberry ginger ale by Canada Dry in the eggnog – I’m a voyeur sorry.

  12. Hi, this looks like a delicious recipe! Can I use rum in place of the rum extract?


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