Frozen Cherry Lemonade

frozen cherryONE. OH. TWO.  That’s the temperature here today.  Now, I’ll grant you, the bone dry humidity level makes the heat a little easier to take, but still.  It’s HOT.

When he was a young teenager, Robb moved from northern Wyoming where temperatures of -20 are not unheard of in the winter, to western Arizona, to a city that was frequently the hot spot in the entire country, with temperatures of 120 or more.  His thoughts about this massive climate switch?  “People still stay indoors for 3 months of the year.  It’s just a different three months.”

Indoors, indeed.  I’m pretty sure parts of Arizona were uninhabitable by humans in the days before air conditioning.

We desperately needed some frozen refreshment at our house this week, and since I don’t have an ice cream maker with which to turn my fresh cherries into frozen confection, I had to use plan B: freeze some lemonade.

Lemonade slushee

Have you ever made old fashioned lemonade?  It’s ever so tasty.  You start by making a simple syrup, cooking equal parts sugar and water to get the sugar nice and dissolved.  If you want to add cherries, you add them to the syrup.  I was, as usual, lazy, and decided not to pit or even halve my cherries, but just throw them in with the syrup whole, use a potato masher, and let the sieve do the rest of the work.  I’m an evangelist for this kind of laziness.

Frozen lemonade recipe

One thing you must remember is that old fashioned lemonade by definition uses actual lemons.  There can be no discussion on this point.  It’s real lemons or nothing, friends.  I juiced about 5 or 6 lemons, which netted me about a cup of fresh lemon juice.  I let everything chill out in the fridge before combining the lemon juice, cherry syrup, and some water.

Shall I give you a dose of honesty?  I didn’t love how my cherry lemonade turned out.  Too much lemon juice, maybe.  But, then again, I’m not a very good judge, because I love my foods super sweet and I have next to zero tolerance for tartness.  I hoped it would taste better frozen.  Sometimes a textural change makes all the difference.

cherry lemonade frozen drink

In this case, I was right.  Eating icy flakes of cherry lemonade is somehow different than drinking the cherry lemonade.  Don’t ask me why, it doesn’t make sense to me either.

I froze my lemonade in a large-ish Rubbermaid container, giving it a stir every hour or so for maybe 3 hours.  The only downside to this refreshing escape from the heat is that you’ll be working up a sweat scraping it out of the container.

It’s worth it, though.  Trust me.

{I like it so much, I’m entering it in the OXO cherry recipe contest.  Thanks for hosting a great contest, OXO!}

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Frozen Cherry Lemonade
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