Friday Favorites #11

Today is the very last day of the school year for my kids.  Hallelujah.  With three kids in three different schools, it’s been a rough year.  There’s been crying, and fighting, and too much homework, and not enough homework, and conferences with teachers, and phone calls to principles.  We struggled right up to the bitter end.  My oldest son got strep and had to miss two days of school during the last week!  And naturally, the one teacher that has yet to give him his final test is the one who doesn’t return e-mails.  (long, long exhale.)

On the bright side, we get to avoid the junior high altogether next year!  Hooray!  And I get a 3-month break from carpooling.

I’ve got enough stuff to keep me busy next week, and getting into the routine of working with all my kids and all their friends around will, no doubt, be an adjustment.  Here’s a quick recap of what happened, and what’s yet to come.

Stuff I did last week

I made the seriously easiest and most delicious homemade dessert of all time.  Which is good, because…
I also made kettle corn, which took me a full seven tries to get right.
I hosted my first giveaway.  Maren won some Coconut Oil, and I’m looking forward to hearing what she does with it.

Stuff I didn’t do but wish I had

I’ve never seen caramel corn used like this before.
It’s cherry season!
A simple twist to a classic no-bake.

Stuff I’m doing next week

You’ll get to hear the highlights of our Memorial Day camping trip.  Shall I spoil the surprise?  It snowed.
I’ll be re-posting my very favorite classic cookie of all time.  I even won a major award for this recipe.
(And by major award, I mean I got an honorable mention at the county fair when I was about 10.  Try not to be jealous.)
Yes, I know that cherries and berries are in season.  I’m just in the mood for Nutella.
I’m pretty sure my site re-design will be showing it’s face soon.  Get ready for that.
I’ll be attending my very first food blogging convention next week!!  BlogHer Food in Seattle, WA.  I can’t wait to recap my experiences!  Look for me on Instagram for the up-to-date pics.  (@jensfavoritecookies)

I’m going to go ahead and assume that you’re wishing me well, and hoping I don’t get strep from my kid.  But keep this in mind… if I’m sick, even if I only pretend to be sick, there is a much better chance that I could sleep for 8 hours in a row!  In a fight between health and sleep, who would I root for?




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