Friday Favorites #9

For the last seven years, our family has been at the local karate school twice a week.  Offspring #2 wanted to do martial arts in kindergarten, and after a year of sitting through classes and realizing what karate is all about, we enrolled offspring #1 as well.  For years, offspring #3 and I sat through classes, two different classes, twice a week each.  Two years ago, we finally enrolled her, too.  I have said many times that I believe karate is one of the very best things we have done for our children.  I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Today, offspring #2 will be testing for his high red belt, belt number 10 of 11.  I’m crazy proud of him.  I think I might cry.  Within another year or two, he will have a black belt.  And more importantly, he will BE a black belt.

While I’m busy with testing and celebrating testing, I’m leaving you with some thoughts about the past, the present, and the future.

THE PAST:  Stuff I did this week

Girls love marshmallows as big as your face.
Someone loved my granola enough to change it.
I joined Instagram.  FINALLY.

THE PRESENT: Stuff I didn’t make, but I wish I had

Too much chocolate chip cookie dough is wonderful.
There is no end to what chocolate chip cookie dough can be paired with.
I’m sensing a theme.

THE FUTURE: Stuff I’m doing next week

My husband actually went back for 2nd AND 3rds of the Toffee Almond Cookie!  It’s like a miracle!
My love of Criminal Minds and my love of pretzels coincide.
My site re-design is getting really close.  I’m chomping at the bit to show it to you!

As we enter the weekend, allow to me share one thought from the karate school… We’re on a quest to be the best!!

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