Friday Favorites #8

My son and sister-in-law both celebrated birthdays in the past week.  My son turned 15, and my sister-in-law quipped that the closer she gets to 40, the older it sounds.  (gulp)  I guess age is catching up with me, because for his birthday, we took our son to dinner and a movie.  We saw The Avengers, what else?  I waited too long to get the tickets, and even though it was playing every 20 minutes, I couldn’t find a showing with decent seats until the 10:30 show.  So we went to the late movie, and got home after 1:00 am.  1:00 am used to be no big deal for me, but now?  Now I prefer my pillow to late-night entertainment.

And the realization of that makes me feel incredibly old and boring.  I think I’ll make myself feel better by sharing some interesting things that happened during daylight hours recently.

Stuff I did this week:

My friends had some great ideas for Mothers Day.
Oh, Coconut, how I adore thee.
I got some new viewers, thanks to my new friend.

Stuff I didn’t make but wish I had:

Remember the song “Deep Purple?” This is WAY better.
It should never look perfect.  It’s a rule.
As if I needed another reason to buy strawberries.
I already loved brownies.  This was completely unnecessary.

Stuff I’m doing next week:

Orange cream is a classic.
So is lemonade.
If you read the book, you’ll have no doubts about what treat I’m serving for Mother-Daughter book club.
My good friend may actually get the cookies I promised her months ago.

If I don’t work really hard to stay young, age will creep up on me like quicksand.  Next thing you know, I’ll be listening to 80’s music and eating dinner at 4:00 pm.  Which means I’ll be staying up until 1:00 am again tonight, just on sheer principle.

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