Friday Favorites #7

My son is growing like a weed.  It’s really tough to keep up with.  This week, he is in desperate need of new shoes, since the last pair I bought him lasted about 3 weeks; new pants, since he went to school twice this week in floods (and not the only-kind-of-too-short kind, but the seriously-dude-you-look-ridiculous-get-some-clothes-that-fit kind.); and a new haircut, because he has luscious, thick, fast-growing hair.  There is also less than a month left of school, so buying school-appropriate attire seems a little silly at this point, because it won’t be around for next school year at the rate he is growing.  Should I buy sandals and shorts?  Or shoes and pants?  Plus, we are heading into heavy birthday season, so budget available for miscellaneous clothing items is slim.  AND…?  His sizes are a little tough to find sometimes.  It’s like the perfect storm.

Clothes shopping for teens is not the only thing I did this week, which is lucky, because I’m pretty sure you’re either asleep right now, or wish you were.  Here’s a quick update of the other goings-on here at The Manor.

Stuff I did this week:

I baked with orange soda.  Easy.  Cheap.  Delicious.
I exploited my children for my own gain.
I experienced the power of anti-oxidants first hand.  Actually, I just made some coconut oil granola.

Stuff I didn’t make but wish I had:

The obscure holiday thing is getting a little old.  But this is one I could get behind.
My swirls never looked this good.
Maybe I should stop complaining about other people’s food dislikes.  Because I hate this stuff.
FINALLY.  A cinnamon thing I can really get excited about.

Stuff you can expect to see next week:

I’ll be spending Mothers Day with my friends.
How many weeks in a row can I post about coconut?  I think I’m about to set a new record.
My son will turn 15.  I intend to freak out about it and probably eat a lot of ice cream.

I wish I could say I was taking the weekend off, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be shopping.  Wish me luck, friends.

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